Will You Play Even One of the Top 3 Retro-Themed Games for PC 2021?

Posted by Meincke Kloster on May 23rd, 2021

We all know that there are lots of good games these days, but we can’t deny the fact that retro games still give us the classic entertainment that we want. We are still attracted to play them again and again because of their charm despite being considered vintage already. Having something that does a body good, these old video games often have simple yet catchy gameplay and the 8-bit sound that get us hooked into them. They remind us of the simpler times when we had to deal with the joystick and spending a dollar seemed to make us broke already. Having so much influence in us, these retro games have also inspired some of the modern games we have today that are now available to be played at your own convenience. Below are the top 3 retro themed games for PC that will take you to a trip down memory lane and bring back those childhood moments that you had. • Nameless Cat In this award-winning action, adventure, and platform-style game, players need to control a little cat that needs to get home and be with its rightful owner. The cat will have to go through three chapters with more than 40 levels to collect treasures, which are little balls of energy that can add up to its heart power. In a series of different scenes, the cute and adorable cat will come across various obstacles that jumping alone won’t get you past through them. Look for portals that will help you to move around the map as you jump from one to another. • Crossy Road This 8-bit endless arcade video game will somehow let you find the answer to the long-running question as to why the chicken crossed the road, maybe. If retro themed games for pc love strategy or running games, this retro-inspired hopper by Hipster Whale is a must-try for you with its interesting graphics and a very simple gameplay. You can win the win only when you cross the street and get to the other side without getting hit. Go as far as you can to earn a higher score while avoiding cars, trains, and other zany objects along the way. While you will use the common chicken at first, you can also have a cow, pigeon, or even a unihorse as you continue to play the sensational game. • Turretz We lastly have the retro space shooter adventure game called Turretz by 111%. The classic arcade games that you know has influenced the gameplay and the settings as well as the retro-inspired graphics. Prepare yourself for an adventure in a very cosmic setting where you will engage in a galactic war and defend the planets against evil space invaders. Humans are at risk of extinction with the lack of living space when these planets are still in the development of life, so they need to protect their new home in the future as threatened by the giant homeless species. Your goal is to control a planet that is moving through space and destroy the oncoming danger using some weapons and a system known as the Basic Turret. It is a single type of ammunition that automatically fires without activation so you have to take control of it and be the ultimate space hero. These top retro themed games can be played on your PC. Get these from games.lol and have that nostalgia fix of the titles that were inspired by the vintage yet classic games with pure fun and entertainment.

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