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Posted by guoguole on October 13th, 2015

As we all know Strongholds is the seventh module of Neverwinter. It was released on 11 August 2015 but at that time it doesn’t appear in . Now strongholds will come to Neverwinter Xbox One. Therefore, for players of Neverwnter Xbox One, you should prepare enough cheap Neverwinter Xbox one astral diamond in advance.

Strongholds have some new features as follows:


Guild Strongholds

The Greed of the Dragonflight event

Guild Boons

Slayer Overload enchantments and Ward Overload Enchantments

Stronghold Siege PvP


Strongholds coming to Neverwinter Xbox One


Though you may have already heard about the release of Stronghold and maybe you have experienced it on PC. For players of neverwinter Xbox one, there is good news that Strongholds Update to Land on XBox One on November 3rd. Stronghold Siege PvP delayed to an additional month to land on PC. So at that time players waited much more time to experience the exciting Stronghold Siege PvP. Nevertheless, when Strongholds comes to Neverwinter Xbox One, players will enjoy it at once.

The features of Stronghold Siege PvP


Before Stronghold Siege PvP comes, you can learn some critical point of it. Only if you make a full preparation for Stronghold Siege PvP, you will experience it more smoothly.

Stronghold Siege is a new PvP mode for Neverwinter. It lets guilds fight it out in large 20 vs. 20 battles in the very strongholds in which the guilds have invested time and treasure.

It is obvious each guild need to build and improve on the battlefield and impact the flow of the battle. It is a vital point to know that defensive towers slow the enemy’s advance and assist outnumbered defenders.


It is sure that you are looking forward to enjoying Strongholds and seeing Xbox One guilds duke it out in massive PVP battles. Perhaps you can’t wait to experience it on Xbox, but now the best thing you can do is to acquire what you haven't know about Strongholds and to buy Neverwinter Xbox one astral diamond cheap in preparation.

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