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Posted by LouisWillis on May 24th, 2021

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The kitchen knife is one of the most important kitchen utensils for professional chefs. Sharp and handy knives make the preparation of food easier and are important for the taste. Proper use of a good knife like Huusk will reduce the drying out and oxidation of food.

Choosing the right kitchen knife depends very much on personal requirements. In addition to the fundamental decision regarding the type of blade, there is also the selection of the quality and the shape of the blade.

All types of knives combine some basics: Kitchen knives are only good as long as they are sharp. High-quality knives have the perfect blade hardness for the sharpening angle and purpose and thus stay sharp longer. Sooner or later, however, all knives have to be sharpened. A soft steel blade often has to be sharpened, the harder the knife, the more difficult it is to sharpen. The correct use of kitchen knives protects the sharpness and thus the quality. Correct use requires the right cutting boards and knife blocks.

The most important knives in the kitchen

The most important kitchen knives belong to one of the following types of knives. There is also a wide variety of special knives. For most households, 5 kitchen knives are sufficient, of which a person typically only uses 3 different knives.

The utility knife has a narrow blade and a smooth cutting edge. It is suitable for potatoes, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. The mostly short and narrow blade makes it very handy and manoeuvrable. It can be used in many ways when cleaning and cutting vegetables. Some short utility knives are also known as paring knives.

Strictly speaking, a chef's knife is the extra large version of an all-purpose knife. It has a broad, strong and smooth knife blade. The chef's knife is used to cut meat, fish and vegetables. Herbs or vegetables are also easily chopped up and portioned with the chef's knife by chopping and weighing.

Rocking cuts are ideal for finely chopping herbs. To do this, the knife tip is left on the board and only the middle part of the blade is raised and lowered in one rocking motion. The knife is pushed and pulled.

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Kitchen knives with a serrated edge are particularly suitable for hard crusts and vegetables with tough skin. The bread knife is the most popular knife with a serrated edge. The long, strong blade tears open the hard crust of bread and cuts straight and smooth slices of bread. The skin of melons and pineapples or the tough skin of tomatoes is scratched with a bread knife or other kitchen knife with a serrated edge and easily cut without slipping. Like soft bread, the juicy pulp is finely cut without crushing it.

The right knife size

The length of the blade depends on the intended use. The most popular utility knives have a blade length of approx. 10 cm and are therefore suitable for peeling and making agile cuts. In many private households, these short knives are also used for long cuts for which they are not suitable. Cuts should be carried out with as few interruptions as possible so as not to reduce the quality of the cut material.

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