Refinery Accident Lawyers Can Help Victims of Fire Accidents and Explosions

Posted by Aaeesha on October 13th, 2015

Now victims of fire accidents and explosions can avail legal help and get compensations for their loss. Employees of oil refineries work in highly dangerous situations. Not only are the work conditions harsh, but the working hours long and grueling. Moreover, the chances of occurrence of fire related accidents in the refineries are very high. The entire work area is filled with flammable substances, which further increases the chances of fire accidents. So, in case of an accident, contractors, operators, and other employees working in the oil field can consult a refinery accident attorney.

The management of the oil field has to take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the employees. Proper safety equipment, fire extinguishers and first aid should be available in the premises. The management also should ensure that quick steps are taken in order to ensure the safety of the employees during an accident or explosion. It is the duty of the employer to make sure that the employee receives proper medical care in case of an accident. In case the employees feel that the work conditions are not safe or conducive for working, they can approach a refinery accident lawyer to find out what legal steps can be taken. 

If the employee suffers from burn injuries, scaring, neurological disorders or disfigurement, then he/she can claim compensation from the management. An expert refinery accident attorney will be able to help you get maximum claim. In case of lung damage due to exposure to toxic gases, then also the employee will be eligible for the compensation. Accidents due to falls or injury due to falling debris require quick and intensive medical care. In such cases also, the employee can get the medical and treatment claim from the management. If the employee’s family or close relatives feel that the employee died on site due to negligence, malfunction of equipment or absence of safety measures, then they can file case of wrongful death. The other injuries that are eligible for compensation are spinal cord injury, head trauma, loss of limb, cancer or other life-threatening diseases.

If the employee dies due to accident in the oil field, then a close relative can approach an experienced refinery accident lawyer. The attorney will carefully study the conditions of accident and death and prepare the law suit accordingly. Based on the extent of trauma for the employee and his/her family the compensation can be agreed upon. There are many ways in which a refinery accident attorney can help victims of fire accident and explosions.

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