The Status of the Employee Tracking System in India

Posted by sunainaram on October 13th, 2015

Technology is making a huge change in the work environment and operations of many companies. One of the latest technologies that has been slowly but gradually changing the workscape is the Global Positioning Satellite, better known as GPS to the common man. You would have probably seen the GPS in your Smartphone. This technology comes handy when you want to use the maps to travel to a new location or find directions to an address. The GPS technology has also been used in setting up the employee tracking system in India.

Field staff tracking softwarehas been adopted by many companies around the country. Basically, this tracking software allows employers to keep an eye on their employee movement during the work hours. Though there has been a lot of debate about the fairness of using this employee tracking system in India, many companies are taking it up as it has proved to improve efficiency and productivity.

Are you wondering how the field staff tracking software helps improve the productivity? Companies give their employees Smartphones or GPS trackers embedded with this software. The tracking software is linked to a platform that allows the administrator to check the location of each and every employee on the rolls. In case of an emergency or a service call, the manager will easily be able to find out the closest employee to the location and contact them about the service call. Here, the manager doesn’t have to waste his/her effort is trying to call up many people to find out who’s where. Moreover, as the field agent is very close to the location, he can quickly reach the client’s address and solve the situation.

As the employee doesn’t have to waste a lot of time in travel, he will be able to get more work done during his work hours. Moreover, the employee tracking system used in India enables the employee to mark attendance, submit reports and even track their performance. In this way, this tracking software helps field agents prove their performance and improve their efficiency.

Nowadays, there are plenty of GPS employee tracking service providers in India. Each service provider offers a field staff tracking software with its own set of features and functions. You can cross check its features with your tracking requirements, and choose the best service provider for your company. On the whole, the status of the employee tracking system in India looks good.

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