Top 10 unusual Emotional Support Animals and their key characteristics

Posted by Ashley on May 24th, 2021

A lot of people gain emotional support from domesticated animals across the world, especially when going through rough patches of life. The most common emotional support animals are dogs and cats but if you do the right paperwork, you can end up with pretty unique animals. 

Going on vacation? 

Do you want your lobster or pet spider to travel with you for emotional support but are stuck with administrative procedures and hefty paperwork?

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 Here’s a list of 10 unusual emotional support animals that are definitely head-turners. You’ll be surprised to know about their distinctive characteristics.  

  1. Ponies and miniature horses: 

Ah! Just the sight of a cute pony is enough to make one’s day. Generally considered as friendly and highly intelligent, ponies are also notoriously known as cheeky animals and can best serve the purpose of an emotional support animal. Ponies are extremely agile and help their owners in times of distress. 

  1. Squirrels:

Tree squirrels are very trusting animals and cherry on top! They can communicate with humans through a specific scent marking. They are one of those few wild animals who can eat straight out of a human’s hand and for this reason, humans derive great comfort in their presence. Squirrels display intelligence through their actions and conduct fake burials to deceive potential predators. Sounds mysterious..Right?

  1. Turtles: 

Reading this would make you turtally mad about turtles and you would want to get one ASAP!  

These little creatures date back to the time of dinosaurs and this fact makes them little bundles of history. Many people don’t realize this but a lot of turtle species can recognize the scent or touch of their owners. I am not sure about you but this fact got me hyperventilating!

  1. Hedgehogs:

Certainly interesting looking emotional support animals, hedgehogs are daydreamers (aren’t we all?) and tend to drop and roll on the ground when they perceive threats. As they are not seasonal breeders, so you need to supervise any interactions between male and female hedgehogs or you may end up with an unwanted pregnancy! 

  1. Goats:

Goats tend to develop social relations with their owners and secretly love us. 

What could be better than that?

Goats are excellent companions and really boost up their owner’s mood with their playful eating habits and walking styles. 

  1. Llamas:

Apart from that smug expression and cool eyelashes, llamas have much more in store if you are looking for an unusual emotional support animal. They communicate by humming and are surprisingly smart and quirky. They also make excellent guards and will go to any length to protect small animals. 

  1. Rats:

These little, super hyperactive babies have their own personalities. A lot of rats are heavy-sleepers while some love to socialize! When they are happy in their environments, they brux, a sound which indicates their contentment and they bond with their owners really deeply. 

People want their ESAs to be constantly playful and rats make sure that there’s never a dull or boring moment around them. 

  1. Snakes:

Turns out snakes can prove to be the most lovely ESAs. Snakes are not that expensive, nor do they take up that much room. 

  1. Hamsters: 

There’s no such thing as a purr-fect ESA. Therefore, hamsters can also tend to be a great choice. They are really cheap when it comes to housing and feeding and they have their own aesthetic charm as well. Having a laid back attitude, a hamster would calm you with its presence and you’ll never feel lonely. 

  1. Spiders and Tarantulas: 

Given the stressful conditions of the present era, we all need an ESA. Tarantulas and spiders can also be great choices as they are pretty exotic and don’t produce any unnecessary sounds. They may appear really intimidating but they are actually harmless. 

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