Here are some of the softwares you must have in your computer

Posted by glainmax55 on October 13th, 2015

It is often not our responsibility to know what our computers need. However, we have outlined some software that might not be in stored in your computer. Most computer developers companies just give out free  softwares. You should not rely on these programs alone because it is easy to hack and attack them. Moreover, some have debuggers which will affect you when working with your computers. That is why we have come up with a brief list of what you should have

  • Vmware backup -  It is a software  installed in virtual machines. It is fast to restore your lost documents.Besides restoring, it can  copy and transfer your files.
  • Microsoft office365 security – This is a top- notch product which has outstanding  privacy and security protection.
  • Image security-  It is an ideal software for business people. They have the mandate on their hands to watermark their products. It helps them achieve copyright title.
  • Email and internet security- Every computer college should have this item. Moreover, you can still use it in your home. It will protect you because no one knows about your password.
  • Disaster recovery- it is a software most people do not buy often. However, to be n the safe side when there is a disaster, it is recommendable to have it. It will restore all your crucial information back to normality.
  • Mobile security- Ideal for all mobile users. For those people using smart phones, should have this product. It will protect them from malware. In addition, they will protect from  data theft.
  • Endpoint security – This is a software slightly different but more effective from the normal antivirus.  It helps you work offline while still protected. In addition, it prohibits you from installing applications which are risky and threaten your computer performance.
  • Data loss prevention- It is a strategy used by computer experts to discover any potential threats particularly in a bank organization. Statistics show that data breach has made companies to pay millions to their customers.
  • Active directory back up –  It is a simple software that requires you to follow simple instructions while installing it. However, it might be a little difficult to install them in existing programs like Macintosh.  You should seek help from professionals.
  • Microsoft security essentials- These are the soft wares that have restored back confidence on working online. It protects its user’s private information.
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