everything will be ok if you face life bravely

Posted by jewelrybrand on October 13th, 2015

Isabel Just work soon, she lost her right arm in an accident, her hopes and dreams for the future lost too.

She was lying on a hospital bed, touch the right arm empty sleeves, her right hand can no longer wear beautiful van cleef alhambra clover bracelet replica and ring, she was so desperate, didn’t eat, didn’t drink and speak, just had been crying. Her family frightened, guarding her, and afraid she would committed suicide, her father less than fifty years old, his black hair turned into white hair in one night.

Jesse looked her haggard parents, she told herself she must be cheer up. She began to learn to use his left hand to eat, dress, wash… in rest days, she liked reading, and is the books let her find the direction. After her recovery, the factory installed prosthesis for her, her switch to work in the mailroom, every day after work, she tried to write something, but it’s difficult for her, she used a rectangular small stone press the paper, then bite the bullet, wrote again and again.

Finally, God helps those who help themselves, the article she wrote had published in a newspaper. And her life path began to changed.

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Two years later, a handsome boy admired her talent, and moved by her unyielding spirit. He awalys sent roses to Isabel, and they fall in love. On valentine’s day, the boy sent a replica van cleef bracelet to her, and put the bracelet on the Isabel’s left wrist. He said I want to be your right hand and awalys holding your left hand. Isabel was touched. And the happiness things were still happening, on the day of Isabel’s birthday, the boy sent a van cleef clover necklace replica to her, he said “your smile is very charming, you are my angel, and only clover pendant can match you.” Finally, the boy asked Isabel to marry him, and put the fake van cleef perlee ring on Isabel left ring finger. the married day is the Isabel most happiness day.

Afterwards, Isabel asked boy why sent her fake van cleef earrings, he said, I saw you for the first time was moved by your unyielding spirit, like the american spirit, your are the pretty girl, and only van cleef jewelry replica can match you.

All of the days in the world, is not of our imagination so good, have sunny day, sometimes have rain, Like American poet Longfellow wrote in a poem, “Your destiny as others, every life will rain”. We must bravely to face when the rain and the wind comes, with a positive attitude to challenge life, only do this can we see the rainbow after the rain. Let us remember Mark Twain’s words “All the rain, will stop”.

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