The love story of same-sex

Posted by jewelrybrand on October 13th, 2015

On June 26 morning eastern time, the Supreme Court of the United States by five votes in favor, 4 against the outcome of the vote, declared same-sex marriage within the scope of protected by the constitution in the United States, which marks the United States became the twenty-first country that allowing same-sex couples marry in nationwide.

Some people think it’s ridiculous, they think it’s impossible to breeding offspring between same-sex, the relationship between them should be friendship, rather than love. And there are some people who support same-sex marriage, they think the society in progress, a civilized society should be all-inclusive.

In my opinion, though I can not accept same-sex marriage, I also can not accept the love from same sex, but I think that existence is reasonable, since they love each other, there should be a reason why they love each other, I do not agree nor disagree, because it’s none of my business.

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But the news of the legalization of same-sex marriage is overwhelming. Some of the stories are really touching.
Dahise and Brando met five years, They had an unhappy marriage before. The day that Dahise and ex-boyfriend married, her ex-boyfriend ran away with another women, before that day they went to jewelry store picked the replica cartier love ring.

The experience of Brando similar to Dahise, she with her husband married less than a year, her husband on the derailment, and divorce with her, finally took Brando’s fake cartier necklace.
So they think men can not rely on, and then desperate for man. Dahise and Lara met through the network, they become lovers from friends, They have a common interest, they often wear the same clothes and same fake cartier earrings.

But their relationship was not recognized by the family, although met opposition by family, their heart are still not shaken, they want to get married, But the state law didn’t allow same-sex marriage.

Dahise worry Brando will leave her, but Brando in order to express loyalty for Gray, she bought a pair of cartier love bracelet replica, willing to in hand to the old with Dahise. They live together, eat, take shower, sleep, exactly like a couple, anyway, nothing can separate them.

June 26, 2015, the day they will never forget. When the Supreme Court of the United States through the same-sex marriage legislation, Dahise and Brando came to the White House, wear replica cartier ring for each other, that day they married.

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