What Are The Types Of Coffee Grinders? How To Choose The Best?

Posted by KeelyCarey on May 24th, 2021

Coffee Grinders

The consumption of traditional coffee is capable of providing true sensory and taste pleasures. In addition, it is possible to say that to extract the best flavors and aromas from the drink, the best option is to choose grains that can be ground on the spot.

For this, it is important to know the main types of coffee grinders, the way they work and in which situations they are indicated. Therefore, we decided to present in the post the most relevant grinders and what you should analyze to buy the best product. Investigate this article for more helpful hints about coffee grinders.

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Coffee Grinders

After all, what are the types of coffee grinders?

There are numerous models of coffee grinders on the market, from the simplest and small ones, to the most elaborate and commercially used. However, the important thing is that you know that there are, basically, 3 main types.

1. Manual grinders

Usually used in a more homemade way and found in small size, the manual grinders have a handle that must be moved, manually, so that the coffee beans are ground.

The grinding procedure is consistent and lasts about 3 minutes. This period is considered long and, therefore, can influence the aromas and flavors of the final milled product.

2. Automatic grinders

Capable of uniform and precise grinding and dosing, automatic grinders guarantee the extraction of an exclusive coffee . In addition, they perform the procedure more quickly and avoid waste.

There are 3 main styles:

Coffee Grinders

Small: generally, with blades that resemble the blender's propeller, they are ideal for home, offices and - even - to take on trips;

Medium size: they may contain simpler blades, such as those referring to the blender's propeller, or more elaborate blades, such as the “flat” style, which are two smooth blades. This type of plate is ideal for faster, more precise grinding and to be used in micro-enterprises, homes, offices and in some commercial establishments, since they are more sophisticated, minimize the heat during grinding and protect the grain oils;

Large: considered professionals. They are controlled by baristas, found in gastronomic environments (bakeries, cafes and restaurants) and have conical blades, which need to be regulated according to the humidity and temperature of the place. They support large quantities to be ground and rarely overheat.

Digital grinders

Digital mills are those that grind the exact amount of coffee due to a continuous micrometric grinding control, avoiding waste and maintaining the drink pattern. In addition, they are available in digital electronics, with a practical adjustment system and easy cleaning and maintenance.

What to analyze when choosing a grinder?

It is essential to analyze some details when choosing the grinder, since there are brands on the market that do not always offer quality products. Are they:

* The blades, which must be conical or flat, since they promote a finer grind and guarantee the preparation of an espresso coffee, for example, with more quality;

* The doser, which must be a cylindrical container to receive the roasted and ground beans. In addition, you only need to allow a certain amount of coffee to come out for preparation;

* The ability to adjust the item, which should preferably have an unlimited number of configurations, that is, it allows to tune the best grind with the type of coffee that will be prepared.

Now that you know the main types of coffee grinders and know how to choose the best option, you can now purchase your model. Remember that the drink made with freshly ground coffee beans is much more aromatic and tasty. Enjoy!

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