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Mobility Scooters Safety Tips!

Posted by SunnieBell on October 13th, 2015

Theelectric mobility scooters have done wonders for various people. Whether it is a normal person, elderly, people with disabilities, paraplegic, people suffering from sclerosis and other disabilities, everyone has been able to make use of this amazing invention. With these battery operated people, people with disabilities now have the freedom to move around and feel that they can be independent too. However if you want to makes sure that you make the most out of your disability scooters London and use it safety, then you must go through these safety tips. Off Road Mobility Scooter

Make sure you read the manual thoroughly :

The user manual of your Electric Wheelchairs UK is the best source to get all the information about using it safely. So make sure you make time to read the manual and red the safety instructions especially for areas that are uneven, bumpy or curvy.

How to navigate on slopes/ramps :

Go straight! The best way to cross a slope while riding your mobility scooter is by driving towards it straight as this is how most of the scooters are designed. Avoid taking ramps from angles else your scooter might trip and you can have a bad fall. The scooter’s wheels can handle the ramps easily, but only if the scooter is driven straight.

Slant and Broken pavements must be avoided :

Just like it makes sense to avoid cracked, slanted and broken surfaces while riding a normal bike, the same goes with the electrical scooters too. If you are using a three wheeled scooter, you should be extra cautious as the three wheel scooters tip over such surfaces very easily.

Use safety flag near roadway :

While you can see the cars coming, but there’s no way a car would know that you are on your electric scooter. So it’s your responsibility to take necessary precautions. A bright colored safety flag on the back on the scooter should be placed much above your head to make sure the other drivers and riders are able to see it clearly. Wear bright clothes while travelling near or on road to make sure you are visible to others easily.


Defensive Riding :

A lot of motorists and pedestrians are not sure how to navigate when they come closer to someone who is riding an electric scooter, so make sure you exercise precaution while riding your mobility scooter. A fellow pedestrian or motorist might not realize that you have right-of way, so make sure you exercise caution and give way when you feel that there is a misunderstanding. Make sure you follow the traffic rules while on your scooter. Aviator Scooter

There are several advantages of mobility scooters.

-       They make physically challenged people independent.

-       They are much better than the usual wheelchairs.

-       People who don’t have stamina to operate wheelchairs can use electric power of scooters to move around.

-       It is not very expensive.

There are various types of mobility scooters available in the market and one can choose one based on their needs. These scooters come in two wheel, three wheel and four wheel options.

So invest in a mobility scooter today and regain your freedom to go anywhere independently.

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