Top 10 Must Have Qualities to be a Conference Manager

Posted by Davis Events Agency on October 14th, 2015

Putting together an event is a challenge. Holding large scale events for corporate firms and organising big conferences require impeccable planning, preparation and ingenuity. The way events are perceived and implemented today require loads of skills, knowledge and experience to plan as well as host them. The role of conference manager or event organiser has undergone a sea change. There are lots of expectation from the client and those attending these events. To fulfil the expectation, a good manager requires several important traits. 

Let’s have a look at the top 10 qualities of a conference manager that can meet the high expectations.

1. Have an imaginative and innovative mind: The person should have a vision and the power of imagination to see through the client’s brief. They need to have the ability to picture the function or conference in their mind while reviewing the requirements. The imagination should lead to a formation of an innovative plan that is achievable in the set budget.

2. Excellent communication skills (oral and written): A conference manager cannot function without having an edge in terms of communication skills. He should be able to talk and write well. It is the only way to keep the lines of communication open and clear. Else, the inability to communicate can lead to confusion and chaos.

3. Amazing interpersonal talent: When it comes to organising an event or conference, it is all about teamwork. A good manager will be able to hold the team together with interpersonal skills and get work done on time. It is one of the most important qualities a conference manager should have.

4. Be flexible and ready to bring in new changes: There are a lot of uncertainties that one has to face while hosting an event. A manager should be flexible enough to deal with these changes and have a plan B ready to implement. It also implies that the person is open to adopting new ideas and the ability to incorporate them to ensure that the event is hosted to perfection.

5. Have enthusiasm and energy: Organising an event is a challenging task and it drains you mentally and physically. To be able to implement events properly, the person should be a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm to carry out the duties with a smile.

6. Ability to manage time perfectly: Time management is an essential quality for conference managers and for any event, time is the most crucial aspect to manage. Even a slight delay in any of the areas can end up ruining the event. Each task has to be timed and carried out at the right moment.

7. Efficient multitasking: A conference manager should be able to handle several tasks and departments together while hosting an event. There is loads of co-ordination required, and this has to be managed with absolute diligence.

8. Keep an eye on minute details: It is the small things that make all the difference. So while planning a conference, a good manager keeps an eye on all minor details to make sure all things are in order.

9. Leadership skills: Only a person who can lead can take charge of an event. Those looking to excel as conference manager should be stellar leaders who can control and delegate effortlessly.

10. Well versed with technology: The person should be well-versed with all technological tools, software and gadgets to run the event successfully. This can not only help them plan the event, but also come up with innovative ideas.

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This article is written by Stephen Matthew, who is associated with Davis Events Agency. He has organized various events within the city of Dublin. His meticulous work has gained much fame within the city, and thus the company has gained ample scope to even venture outside the city.His Bachelor’s degree in Event Management has helped him serve and perform better in the industry.

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