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Posted by fareed shakir on May 24th, 2021

Shorthair felines, British Shorthairs participate in Britain. The cats evolved centuries ago when Romans brought cats from their homeland and those cats British shorthair mated with wild cats of Britain. With time the British Shorthairs came to being. However, it was not until the later half nineteenth century these felines started appearing in cat shows and began to be formally recognized. Originally they were accepted only in blue color and were thus referred to as British Blue. With time though other colors received formal recognition and the name changed to the existing one.

British Shorthairs are somewhat large sized with a carved physique. They have strong chest, shoulders and legs and are recognized to possess significant strength relative with their size. Body is stout overall. Head is round with chubby cheeks, big round eyes that are usually copper to golden in color, and short widely set ears. Ripped whisker pads give rise to an extremely sweet'smiling'facial expression. Tail is tapering at its end and paws are rounded. Aside from blue, that will be the most frequent color, other colors and patterns include black, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, lilac, red, white, bicolor, colorpoint, tabby and tortoiseshell.

British Shorthairs are healthy and sturdy felines. They do not suffer with any persisting health ailment inside their lines. They're relatively heavy as a breed and not to agile. They're active though and have been reported throughout history to be quite capable hunters inside their natural environment.

Easy going and calm, British Shorthair cats have a very good temperament. They're independent and playful and not to demanding. Their lustrous coat doesn't shed nor require daily grooming. As kittens they are quite playful. Because they age, taking nearly four years to reach their full size, they become relatively sedentary and overweight in a few cases. Still they maintain their loyalty and affection towards humans.

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