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Posted by maxfilm on October 14th, 2015

Max film leading ITO Film Manufacturer for captive TSP, Resistive TSP in Korea. we also provide Decorative film, solar control film for automobile and housing

Max Film,the  leading company in film coating field. we offer different type film coating like ITO film for capacitive, ITO film for resistive TSP, Decoration film, Solar control film for automobile and housing.
Our major products are TCO Film, Metal Film, Fuctional film ,they developed using advanced plasma technologies.
One of goals of our company is to lead the field of film coating globally with advanced Plasma technologies.
The market has been changed to knowledge industry rapidly. Therfore a company which simply keeps up an old custom can not survive any more. This is way our company aims at providing more
oppertunities to our customers and partners with self-renovation  and differential technologies.
Our company has been chosen as a leading developer for industrializing the new Plasma technologies and produce
metalizing FCCL with Low temperature and high density Plasma.
Based on the way new Plasma technologies our company will enhance our skills to create a film with metal or oxide compound on the surface of ITO film for touch-Panal, decoration film or
window film with the sputter system. We are planning to start  mass-producing the roll to roll sputter system, developed by ourselves, to provide and overall system including process to our clients.
Contact Us for Details:
Name : Sin Insik
Address: 24,Dalseong2cha 6-ro, Guji-myeon,
Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
Country : Korea
Contact  Number: 82-53-611-0088


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