Guide To No Contact Rule Male Psychology & Signs That It's Working!

Posted by Truly Madly on May 24th, 2021

We can’t put enough emphasis on how tough it is to get over a breakup. There may be many formulas and tips to feel great and motivated post-breakup, but it’s harder than said. People can only say, but only the one knows who’s going through it. It’s really hard to forget the one you loved with all your heart, and now you are no more a part of their life. This thing is hard to digest, but you can still choose to be happy and be a strong person. Yes, we are talking about the No Contact Rule that many adopt to get over the breakup. But first, know what exactly it means. 

No Contact Formula!

It simply means keeping no contact with your ex and assuming they are not a part of your life anymore for 60 days. You must not text them, call them, and even stalking is not allowed. 

Now, no contact rule male psychology and women psychology work differently. 

For men, it’s easy to cut off women from their life in the initial days. They won’t miss or bother to call their girlfriends in the beginning, but things become tougher for them as the days pass by. 

For women, it’s totally the opposite. The initial days after a breakup would be really tough for them, and they just can’t stop themselves from texting their boyfriends, which makes men think they won. But it’s not the case. 

Well, now let’s move on and see 5 signs that show the No Contact Rule is working. Here you go! 

You are focused less on them and more on yourself! 

You have started making your happiness your priority. You are least bothered by what they are doing and whatnot. You are trying to do everything that would make you happy and lively again. 

They are texting and calling you! 

They somehow got a taste that you are not going to come back, and it’s making them anxious. So they are trying to win you again by calling and texting you. The least that you can do is not respond to their messages and calls. 

They are asking about you from your mutual friends! 

Now that you are not replying, they want to know what’s happening in your life. They want to know how you moved on. They also want to know whether you are single or not. You must stick to the rule! 

Now they want you back in their life! 

This is the clear sign that the no contact rule male psychology you adopted to get over your ex is working. They can’t take it anymore that you are not bothered about them, and you are trying to move on in your life. 

People are liking the new you! 

This might not sound as great as it is to you, but people around you are liking the new you very much. They like your attitude and the way you are dealing with life. 

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