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Posted by lerry on May 24th, 2021

Choosing a domain name is more important than finding the first available ".com" name you like. In a way, the name you choose is the platform on which you are going to base your entire Internet marketing strategy. So it's more than just a "good" name.

Your domain name is your "brand" on the Internet. A good brand name should be able to communicate your entire value proposition to your prospective customer, either because the name is easily understood or because your advertising associates that brand with your value proposition (it's cheaper the former).

If your domain name is your brand name on the Internet, it is important that it is consistent with other trade names or trademarks you use in your business. If you can, consider making it the same name as your business (e.g., or a variation (e.g.,

Many people struggle with the idea of whether the domain name should be long or short. Don't. Rather, worry about whether it is memorable and clear. Presumably most of the short, catchy names are long gone or parked, so if you don't want to have to buy your domain name, go with what you can. Long is fine as long as it's intuitive and easy to remember. Try to avoid abbreviations or, worse, part of the abbreviation and part of the full name. The test of clarity is this: say the name to a friend and see if you can get the domain name right just from what you said.

Choosing the right Domain Name for your company website – Tecky Planet

Finally, avoid complicating the name by adding "the" or "an" or "an". Don't add hyphens or dashes unless you can pass the clarity test above. Keep it simple.

The ideal name doesn't seem to be available. Keep looking. It's only a matter of time and persistence until you find the right name or brand. You'll know it when you see it.

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