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Posted by sunainaram on October 15th, 2015

Computers and the Internet have profoundly transformed our lives and have changed the way we go about our day-to-day activities. Rather than asking your family and friends to seek a particular piece of information or clarify certain doubts, now you access the Internet and check it out on Google that has become such an inimitable and irreplaceable part of our lives. Shopping, banking and if your office lets you, you can even work from home. So, have you ever thought about work-from-home options that don’t require you to go to any office ever? If you have some spare time and an inclination or need to make a little extra money, then there are plenty of data entry jobs in the online world. All you need is a computer and a decent typing speed. Anyone from a college student and a retired person to a homemaker can start off with such jobs. Qualification is not such a big issue at all for most of these jobs.

You have data entry jobs in online as well as offline format depending on the requirement of the company you are working for. Plain data entry jobs in the offline format require you to refer to images, books or other such stuff and type in on MS word or any other software provided by the company. Reformatting and correction of data or format is another type of offline data entry job. If you are good with listening skills, then you can go for audio to text conversion which requires you to listen to an audio and type it into a document. Medical transcription is another advanced data entry job that requires you to type out medical field-related content either by referencing an image or by listening to some audio. This is a highly skilled job that requires about 99.9% accuracy, but the pay is also comparable.

Some of the data entry online Jobs format include filling online survey forms wherein you provide your feedback about a company or its products. Captcha entry job requires you to look at the captcha image and solve them to help companies create accounts or access websites. Online form filling is another job wherein you are required to fill in the given data onto online forms.

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