Top 5 Car Accessories You Should Buy for Your Car

Posted by Yashna Mahto on October 15th, 2015

If you're one of those who has just got a new car or already have one, then we would help you out what car accessories you should buy to bring that extra convenience and comfort. Living in UAE, then owning a car is an essential thing owing to the warm climate. Thinking where you can buy car accessories? With, the UAE- specific local search mobile application you can get to know nearest places to purchase car accessories. You may be living in any corner of Emirates, you can quickly search for “car accessories” and the application will suggest you the shops relevant to your area. To make things easier for you, we've listed some of the essential car accessories you need to buy.

Car mobile holder:

Managing your mobile driving car can be inconvenient and most of all dangerous. This is an essential and useful car accessory that you can use to get directions while driving. Did you know holders or cell phone mounts actually help to save you from potential accidents? Those who want to avoid ringing of phones when kept in pockets, then car mobile holder is an excellent accessory. Without the need to hold the phone in the palm of your hands, you can just tap on its screen to play some music.

Rear-seat entertainment system:

Often when you are traveling with kids, there needs to be a source of entertainment. Equipping your car with Rear-Seat Entertainment system is a good way to keep them happy and busy throughout the journey. It is a must-have car accessory. In fact, you will notice that many SUVs and luxury cars in UAE have installed their vehicle with rear-seat video entertainment option. Choosing a rear-seat entertainment system is easy with app. You can directly get in touch with car accessory dealers and find the best one that transforms your backseat into a mobile home theater.

Car seat neck:

Neck and back are the most sensitive part of a body. When you're driving on a regular basis, there may be times when you can experience severe pain in neck. You can now get relief from the pain using car seat neck that gives support to the neck, thus ensuring you travel safely without any physical issues.

Fold-out trays:

If you're a parent whose large part of the commute comprises of driving your kid to school and back home, then having a fold out tray option is right. By equipping your car with fold out tray, your kid use for eating, doing some craft work or even play cards.

Side or Front-impact airbags:

This is also one of the most essential car accessories you need to install in your car. Side impact airbags help to reduce chances of death upon an accident. They also contribute to improve safety for adults in side impact crashes.

Use to find car accessory dealers in your local area. The application is available absolutely free for iOS and Android devices.

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