What to Know When You Build a Home From Scratch

Posted by Jake Riviera on May 24th, 2021

Unpacking boxes, locating the fuse box, setting up utilities – when moving into a new home, the to-do list can seem endless. New movers are often overambitious and become quickly overwhelmed. With so much to do, it may be pertinent to outsource what you can. Amidst the tedium are the most appealing tasks: picking out furniture and deciding where everything should go.

Picking out new furniture

When choosing to move somewhere, there are two opportunities to express personality – in choosing and in placing furniture. Going to a reputable shop, such as FourHands, is a necessary, and exciting, step. Yet, before walking through the doors of the new home or of the store, there is much to consider. Thinking broadly about the value and intended purpose of each room will help delineate style and function. Next, consider texture and color. A fall theme inspires romanticism; A spring theme invokes light energy. With so much to decide, many people chat with an expert, read articles, and utilize planning or fashion apps to help make these decisions.

The physical move

Once you have furniture you enjoy, whether moving into a studio apartment or a five-bedroom house, utilizing a moving company is a must. While the money may seem like a setback, the pros outweigh the cons. Using a moving company avoids throwing out a friend’s back, damaging precious pieces of furniture, and scratching the walls of a new home as you navigate turns. Utilizing a moving company can save time and, counterintuitively, money. When you love your furniture, you want to make sure every piece arrives intact and well-tended. As well, the extra saved time can be used to get to know the new space.


For many new homeowners, the most exciting moment comes after boxes are unpacked and every item is in its intended spot. With different floor plans and lighting, that intentionality can be difficult to achieve. There are a few simple rules when arranging furniture. First, choose a focal point. Second, consider the flow of future foot traffic and places for conversation. This consideration often leads to creating zones in small and large rooms alike. Third, strive for balance. Finally, fourth, pay attention to the size of each room’s rug, which often goes unnoticed. With every piece of furniture artfully chosen and in its rightful spot, the house transforms from a building to a dream home.

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