4 things to Know before buying Toddler Shoes

Posted by Lee Gang Hyeok on October 16th, 2015

Buying shoes for babies is a huge headache. You need to be careful about the choice, size, comfort factor, and convenience of the footwear. While you little one will definitely starts walking on bare feet at the initial stage, but you have to buy him/her adaptive shoes that will make him/her easy to walk. Nonetheless, you can opt for functional shoes as available on the market radar.

You need to be aware of the kinds of baby or toddler shoes available in the market and the names of brands offering them. The scientific 5 point shoes are splendidly designed with technological endowments and features that mark the excellence of the footwear. In a way the functional toddler shoesare meant to correct each and every step of your baby. Being a sought-after kid shoes manufacturer in Korea, Wildcat Co., Ltd. Is now the talk of town. The company is known for producing functional baby shoes in Korea integrated with most advanced technology to make baby walking an excellent experience. The company also highlights the flour major areas that need to be focused upon when manufacturing toddler shoes.

Here, have a look at the 4 things that you should know about before buying Toddler Shoes

  • Manufacturers are aware of the fact that a toddler’s foot is flat; and the ligaments that make up the arch portion are flexible and loose. Therefore, studies are conducted to find out if supporting the midfoot will eventually help to develop the arch portion of a baby’s feet. Therefore, it is a must to know that customers when looking out for baby’s shoes should determine the convenience of the footwear. Factors like smoothness, strength, non-slipperiness are the three vital factors when choosing shoes.
  • You should know this that a baby’s foot is the miniature version of that of an adult. However, a baby’s feet is usually wide at the toe area and is formed with cartilage that gets replaced with bones within few years of growth. Therefore, the cartilage should not get badly shaped or deformed at a tender age owing to an improper shoes design or rigid shoes. Therefore, finding a shows allowing free toe movement is important. This means that the baby’s feet must be adequately gripped by the shoe belt but at the same time the little toes must get enough space for motor and cognitive development.
  • Most importantly, shoes must be as flexible as possible for the soft and tender feet. Yoru baby is taking his/her first step in shoes and so he/she should feel absolutely light moving in it. Besides, the little one should not have any complaints when wearing the shoes and if you can see the bright smile on his/her face you will realize that your baby loves what he/she is wearing.
  • Parents will always do what is best suggested by doctors. After all, those are susceptible feet and therefore are subjected to pain, diseases and side effects if the shoe is not right. Make sure that the shoe worn by your baby has pores in it offering breathability. This will make your baby’s feet feel energetic while walking or running; and stay safe.

Thus, parents should look out for the above points when buying shoes for their little ones.

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