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Posted by james bonds on October 17th, 2015

I've played around with a lot of ways to get better practicing offline to prepare myself for online. Last year I did skill games like crazy, but I've come up with a new thing this year.

I've edited rosters via transfers to have my FUT team/formation available in regular offline kick-off mode outside of FUT. From there I set the CPU to legendary, I then start a regular kick-off match against Brazil or someone else good. I make sure that I'm starting the game with possession (kicking off myself). I exit out of the game and come back until I'm the one kicking off. From there I try to score against the CPU, but if I lose possession, I instantly go to the menu and restart the match.

If you had possession to start the match, you will have possession when you reset. Doing this will teach you how to maintain possession and how to attack a robust defense, which is the most important skill to learn for FIFA16. I don't think you learn nearly as much from defending the CPU as you do attacking it. By constantly resetting when you lose possesion you drill yourself very quickly on what works and what easy to buy Fifa 16 coins. The legendary CPU punishes you for minor mistakes, and while it is frustrating, over time you will slowly improve. By contrast, when you play online, rarely will you play someone who punishes your offensive mistakes like the CPU on legendary.

AI on hard for defending training because AI love to keep possession, so it teaches you good ways to win the ball back, make use of possession and countering.

The obvious one is the training modules on the game
Maybe try play friends and ask them to play a certain way so you can practice (obviously you need a willing friend here), or just play different friends or even friends that are good to see how they play and succeed in the game, and ask them what they do.

Watch AirJapes' videos - you can even use the same squads and tactics as him, he is really good at possession and passing.

Watch Ovvy or Krasi's tutorial videos - both are (or were; unsure) pros and record a lot of turorials

Watch Kazooie94 or FifaRalle if you want to learn skills - both are crazy skillers

Just have fun with it (can be difficult at times) - it will make you rage but you gotta know when to stop playing and maybe switch tactics or teams if it isn't working for you.

Watch Dirty Mike on youtube also, another pro I totally forgot about that has formation reviews, how to's, etc. Give him a sub too because he is definitely under-appreciated.

Also, play in the bronze cup offline (professional) with your starter bronze players with cheap Fifa 16 coins. I tried this today and it is a good way to practice as you have to make use of all your chances, simply because bronze players suck at everything, but just take your time in possession.

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