How much do you know about the highlights of the folding machine?

Posted by diginbronghua on May 25th, 2021

With the rapid development of science and technology, the use of folding machines has also increased significantly, especially now that various industries have a certain demand for the use of folding machines, which has also led to more folding machines in the industry. Important, but do you know what are the highlights of the folding machine?

1. Smooth paper feeding and adjustable speed. While the folding machine is performing paper folding, once a paper jam occurs, it will cause the machine to stall, and will also cause problems in the subsequent work, which will directly cause the folding machine to fail and become unusable for a long time.

2. Effectively improve the company's production efficiency. The use of folding machines enables large and small printing houses, copy shops and other places to obtain very large benefits, and its work costs are also significantly reduced.

3. Improve the production efficiency of various industries. Paper is widely used in various industries, and the use of folding machines has improved the work efficiency of various industries to a certain extent.

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