Newbie mistakes in contextual advertising

Posted by Agent Host on May 25th, 2021

PPC advertising is the easiest way to get leads. You go into the advertising system, create ads, get potential customers. What could be easier? But there are also quite a few nuances here that directly affect the results of campaigns.

The most widespread advertising system in Ukraine - Google AdWords - makes it possible to set up contextual advertising even for people with no experience. In this article, we'll take a look at the most common mistakes newbies make to PPC advertising.

Using the AdWords Express interface. This interface was created specifically for people who are not specialists in contextual advertising, it does not allow choosing keywords for which to show or not show ads and does not provide an opportunity to accurately target ads to the target audience, as a result of which contextual advertising does not bring results at all or is ineffective.

We recommend that you immediately use the full version of AdWords when creating your ads, this will save you time and money.

Incorrect use of match types. You are afraid of getting inappropriate traffic and are using exact match keywords, but this method has a drawback - you lose ad impressions for low-frequency, inexpensive queries. After a while, it will naturally be found that the context does not work. We recommend that you work out negative keywords well and use all types of keyword matching in combination to fully reach the target audience.

Insufficient keyword grouping. You did a good job of keywords and negative keywords, wrote awesome ads and created an ad account, and after launching, you discovered that people see your ad but don't click on it. It's all about insufficient grouping - no matter how creative the ad is, it must first of all correspond to what the person is looking for. This can be achieved through good keyword grouping.

Using template ads. When launching ads, many advertisers use template ads that are more suitable for the store, and then wonder why contextual advertising does not work? Everything is simple here - those ads that are suitable for outdoor or other advertising are not suitable for the context.

For example, in the ad “Best Baby Products”, there is no useful information. Use your ad to your advantage and always respond to a user's request in your ad.

All ads lead to the homepage of the site. Even if your website's home page design is the best in the world, you shouldn't drive all your visitors there. Usually people are looking for specific goods or services on the Internet; when clicking on an ad, it is better to show exactly what the user is looking for.


Wrong budgeting. Often, contextual advertising does not work at full capacity due to an irrational budget. There are two extremes here: if you set your daily limit too high, you could spend your monthly ad budget in one day.

If the budget is too small, which is signaled by the corresponding notification,

you can lose clicks on important keywords. We recommend that you avoid this limitation for the most efficient keys.

Lack of work with search queries. Search terms are constantly changing. If you don't check your search list regularly, you can get a lot of inappropriate traffic. In addition, you need to monitor and expand the list of keywords with new ones from the report.

Incorrect ad display schedule. Often, when setting up an advertisement, the schedule for displaying ads is not used at all, or it is put on the machine according to the work schedule. Both can not be done without analysis with rare exceptions (for example, you provide urgent servants - food delivery, taxi, etc.). In other cases, you need to look at how users behave at different times of the day and, based on this information, draw up a schedule for displaying ads (if it turns out that this should be done).

These are only the main mistakes of contextual advertising, but even fixing them, you will make your advertising much more effective. But it will be more effective to use contextual advertising specialists - you will find our contacts in the menu of the same name. And the expertise of the Web Branding team is confirmed by the Premier Google Partner certificate.

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