Self-pour and Wine on Tap with Free Flow Wines

Posted by Angela Brown on May 25th, 2021

For many years self-pour was only seen as an option for beer. But thanks to our friends over at Free Flow Wines, wine on tap is becoming more readily available, which has allowed Table Tap to use our technology for wine as well. Free Flow Wines started in 2009 and their goal was to find a more sustainable way to sell the best and freshest tasting glass of wine, and wine on tap (specifically in reusable steel kegs) was the best way for them to do this. 

Self-pour and wine on tap are a match made in heaven! One advantage of serving tap wine from a steel keg is that you get that perfect pour each time. Staff won’t have to take time to uncork each of their wines. With self-pour, customers are able to walk in and get themselves a glass of wine that they know will have a consistent, perfect temperature pour every time they come into your establishment. The customer controls their own experience. Another advantage of using steel kegs for self-pour wine is a lack of wastage. Our systems average at approximately a 3 percent wastage, while traditional bottled wine pours can lead to a wastage much closer to 10 percent.Keep the number of wine bottles low and the number of happy customers high!

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