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Posted by John on October 18th, 2015

Occasions have indeed changed. Nothing you've seen prior have people talked regarding technology revolution and green revolution within the same breath, but it's very common to do therefore today.

Nowadays, being green isn't just about preserving rainforests but additionally about making environment conscious adjustments within our choices of tech devices. We want ones which use renewable energy, recyclable and non-toxic supplies - like these top ten green gadgets:

1. Solar-powered back pack. This solar-powered backpack from Voltaic doesn't only carry your devices but charges them too. The bag has a cell attached and readily stores energy in the sun, transferring the same clean energy for your gadgets in the back pack, replacing the fossil fuel power you'd normally need if you charged in the grid.

2. Water-powered time clock. This clock from Bedol operates without batteries. It is actually powered instead by sodium water, which corrodes the actual tiny clock mechanisms within. That corrosion process offers the energy to make the actual clock work. The best benefit: they don't look geeky whatsoever, as they come in a number of colors.

3. 12-volt wind turbine. This small windmill-type device runs on the tiny turbine to charge most low-voltage electronics, including 12-volt batteries.

4. Earphones with wooden hearing plugs. Get green by utilizing gadgets that are totally non-toxic and absolutely biodegradable. Every music addict will like these earphones with wood ear plugs. The wood component makes an excellent sound resonator.

Yes, trees will be cut to create these earphones - unless they are manufactured from recycled wood - but are you aware it's actually good in order to cut old trees should you replace them with saplings, because young trees absorb much more carbon dioxide than aged, dying trees?

You are going to be happy to know these earphones are suitable for iPod devices.

5. Nokia 3110 Develop. Cell phone users who agonise within the carbon footprint of most cell phones can now rejoice using the Nokia 3110 Evolve, which consists of biodegradable materials.

6. Logitech solar-rechargeable computer keyboard. Even at the workplace, there is no excuse to not do your part in saving Nature. The Logitech wireless keyboard everyone knows now comes in the solar-powered model, so state good-bye to batteries. Even indoor lighting may charge this gadget.

7. Kill-A-Watt cellular monitor carbon footprint metre. A must-have for each office, the Kill-A-Watt wireless keep track of carbon footprint metre calculates the ability usage of your eco-friendly office daily, weekly, and monthly to make sure you stay on the actual green path.

8. Crazy Grass solar garden lighting. A number of green gadgets may be used in our very personal homes, where we could make the greatest environmental effect. Starting with your backyard, the Wild Grass photo voltaic garden lights stay illuminated for approximately six hours from simply eight hours of photo voltaic exposure. The LED lights are automatically activated because twilight falls, giving a glow for your garden without extra energy.

9. Rainwater storage tanks. These could be strategically placed along the fence while supporting to 50 gallons associated with water per container, with regard to everyday household use. The reservoirs are manufactured from food grade and recyclable polyethylene.

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