Is The Home Filtration Of Tap Water Drinkable

Posted by Gale on May 25th, 2021

Have you ever wondered why, with so many medications available, more and more people are dying from the very diseases these medicines are supposed to cure? I have!

For a number of reasons it is unconscionable nutrition is not the first line of (prevention and) defense put in action by physicians. First, a body fighting an illness requires more nutrients. Second, it is known Pharmaceuticals deplete your body of crucial nutrients. Why then, is nutrition not the first thing discussed with patients? Surely nutrition (and/or the lack of) impacts the course of disease and at the cellular level the ability to combat the disease. Why is the medical community not giving sick folks learn more every opportunity to heal? And seemingly healthy folks the chance to prevent illness?

Nationwide, tens of thousands of elderly people are being herded into these clinics for a three hour IV - EVERY 7 DAYS. At 200 bucks per session, that sure adds up. If those frequent visits always did the trick, then the money would be worth it. But, instead, they end up with joint problems, horrible body odor and other side-effects.

Drugs in tap water are not considered a problem by the government at this time. They insist the concentrations of these drugs are tiny. They are measured in quantities of parts per billion or trillion, and are far below the levels of a medical dose. They will tell you the water is safe. Unfortunately the presence of so many drugs in our drinking water is worrying scientists about the long-term consequences to human health.

But, no one bothered to explain that people could protect their families, if they chose, too. We have the technology and in the home, it is not that expensive to use. It simply requires a sub-micron particle filter, activated carbon and multi-media blocks.

As our country progressed, the citizens decided the method of barter was very inconvenient. They devised a way that was much more convenient. They started using money! This greatly simplified things. And the world has been ruled by money since then.

Jim: Also, cleaners and so the pharmaceuticals, hormones given to women as they age, the byproduct or this ingredient of household cleaners are affecting fish very directly. So downstream of any major city - that's a pretty broad statement, but there are numerous examples where they've actually gone in and sampled downstream of Denver, Minneapolis, Boulder, Colorado, upstream of Washington, DC in the Potomac River they'll find male fish. First of all, you'll either find all female fish, or you'll find that the male fish are carrying eggs.

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