COVID-19 Impact on Data Analytics in Healthcare in Semiconductors and Electronic

Posted by Prakash on May 25th, 2021

COVID-19 Impact on Data Analytics in Healthcare

COVID-19 Impact on Data Analytics in Healthcare in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry 


The world is witnessing a great impact on the human, economy and industries due to COVID-19. World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the death rate is increasing continuously, globally. Due to its severe global economy, the government has taken the decision of complete lockdown. This lockdown will help in minimizing the spread of the virus. This decision has brutally affected all the sectors due to the complete shutdown of the manufacturing operations.

After completion of six months of lockdown in the year 2020, the government has taken the decision to unlock which means companies and the industrial sector can restart their business operations with some mandatory guidelines.

For instance,

  • The government has given permission to restart their factories with only 20% - 50% employees on the field following social distancing, extreme hygiene measures and others. It is supporting the economy and consumer goods production need at a certain level due to the restriction of limited manpower utilization.

The biggest problem faced by the governments of all countries is the lack of an effective system for identifying unknown infected cases and estimating the likelihood of COVID-19 virus infection. In response to this problem, the research proposes a new groundbreaking approach to reduce major difficulties in the spread and infection of coronavirus (COVID-19).

During the pandemic situation, data analytics play the most vital role in the healthcare sector. The integration of data analytics in the healthcare helps doctors to avoid unnecessary harms to their patients by avoiding faults in the treatment.


The healthcare industry has been facing different challenges on the regular basis, starting with the new diseases to identify the method that helps healthcare industries to maintain ideal operational efficiency. Big data analytics allows doctors to solve healthcare challenges. The major advantage of data analytics is that it allows the healthcare companies to derive meaningful insights for the collected data which resulted in improving the operational efficiency of the industry.

The pandemic situation has raised the demand of data analytics in the healthcare sector. With the usage of data analytics, the healthcare sector is working along with the local as well as regional vendors for improving and enhancing the healthcare facilities which has resulted in minimizing the mortality rate of the countries. The aim of the partnership is to plan that the companies are continuously focusing on developing such platforms and applications that helps the doctors to minimize the mortality rate of our country.

It has been witnessed that China had used the big data analytics and other digital platforms effectively which further allow China to track and identify at what rate the disease is being spread in the country.

For instance,

  • China had adopted surveillance for detecting COVID-19 patient. China government had installed thermal scanners at train stations, retail shops, airport and others for detecting and identifying the patients suffering from COVID-19. Later, China government had launched a “close contact detector app”. This app sends alert in the mobiles if any person was in contact with COVID-19 patient including the data collected from different apps, including the number of confirmed cases, death rates, contact tracing of people, passenger traveler from one place to another among others. Later, all the data are being refined with the help of data analytics tools and all these insights help the healthcare industries and government to plan future step against the pandemic.


There are various data analytics tools and platforms used in the healthcare sector. Many countries and healthcare institutions had understood the importance of data analytics in healthcare. This data analytics tool allows the healthcare department to meet the challenges that occur during the pandemic situation. The adoption of data analytics in healthcare will be going to replace the regular visit of clinics with remote monitoring. It had been observed about the trend of disease spread which is changing in an hourly basis. In that case, data analytics allow the healthcare sector to take a quicker decision against the pandemic.

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