Which marine audio system is right for your boat?

Posted by hw on May 26th, 2021

If you're seriously into audio, we carry a vast array of outstanding gear that will make your boat sound great. But for some people, a receiver and a decent set of speakers will do quite nicely.

A typical system might include:

Marine receiver: Get the functionality you want and the durability you need

Marine speakers: If your old speakers are worn out, you'll be amazed by the improvement

If you want to upgrade the receiver and speakers at the same time, or just want to make shopping easier, you can get a nice deal with our selection of marine receiver and speaker packages

A typical system might include:

Fish finder: Fish are smarter than we are, so you'll need one of these to figure out where they're hiding

Gauge-mount digital media receiver: Leave the CDs in the truck and enjoy your digital music library

Satellite radio tuner: Get terrific reception and enjoy news, weather, sports, and music while you wait for a bite

Basic marine speakers: When volume is secondary to clarity, one set of speakers is all you need for your boat

One of the best things about having a boat is inviting your friends out for a day on the water. Good music makes boating even better.

A typical system might include:

CD receiver with Bluetooth: Play the discs, downloads, and streaming music that will keep your guests happy

LED speakers: Great sound, plus lighting that pulsates in time with the tunes = awesome

Marine subs: If people are going to boogie, they're going to need bass

Marine amps: The power you need to get the volume you want, especially if one or more subs are involved

If you're into wakeboarding or water skiing, you're into high-performance boats. You'll need a high-performance stereo to hear your tunes over the roar of the engine while you're out enjoying a day on the lake.

A typical system might include:

Digital media receiver: Play just about anything you want from a variety of devices

Tower speakers: Big sound that can be heard by the folks on the deck or the person on the skis

Wet Sounds amps: Whether it's the looks or the sound, these marine-rated amps make a powerful statement

Wet Sounds subs: These subwoofers will give you thunderous bass and serious style

A larger boat gives you the opportunity to create a serious, audiophile-quality audio (and video) system that can be controlled from anywhere on the vessel with strategically placed remote controls.

A typical system might include:

NMEA 2000-enabled receiver: Handles your boat's entertainment and communication essentials

Marine remote controls: No need to run back to the helm every time you want to change songs or sources

Speakers: You have the space to work with, so fill it with top-quality sound

Subs: Even if you're not cranking it up to max volume, you'll still want quality bass to fill out your music.

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