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Posted by gracedashen on October 20th, 2015

Deadman Mode will be available to survive on the 29th October in old school runescape. There is lots of news about OSRS. For example, the Max Cape & Geomancy Spell is Available in OSRS. Except for buying enough cheap 07 rs gold and learning the story, you should dispose your bank. You need consider that all quest items what you should keep and what you should drop.

Leave free space in limited space of bank

From now on, you need leave free space in limited space of bank. At first, you’d better go through every quest in existence, marked all the unique items that you pick up from all quest items. Then you go though and found out what can be used in future. These items you might keep if you plan on getting quest cape or just in general other quests in the future and don't wish to backtrack to re-get quest items.

A simple way to arrange your quest items in bank

There is a simple way to arrange your quest items in bank. You need make a form to list all quest items. Some key points must list in spreadsheet including item name, found in quest, used in quest and needed for quest.

Item name: Name of Item obviously.

Found In Quest: The quest the item was originally found in.

Used in Quest: Other Quests the items are used for.

Needed For Quest: If it is an item needed for future quests (Otherwise it can technically be dropped if you are desperate for bank space)

Used For: If it is a cosmetic item, or a weapon, or something for skillers, or a quest item (an item needed for future quests) the category of the item is used for.

Achievement Diary: This is a list of the achievement diaries the item is what you need to do some things with them.

However, although some items aren’t unique specifically to the quest but they are obtained in complicated areas so you’d better grab them.

Certainly, this is just one method to arrange your items in bank. If you have others way to classify your items, you will apply to it. The purpose of all methods is in order to make full use of your items and the limited space of bank. Besides, if you need some important items or cheap 2007 rs gold, rs3gold will offer you with fast delivery.

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