Free UK Domain Transfers - All You Need To Know

Posted by Chris Danks on October 20th, 2015

A domain name plays an important role when it comes to getting high visibility. You cannot expect your customers to know of your existence until you have a web presence. This is well achieved when you have a unique domain name. However, many companies are now considering free UK domain transfers for a number of reasons. Though many companies have utilised this not many know of its importance.

What exactly is domain transfer?

In simple words, it is like changing the current domain registration company to another. However the owner of the domain name is not changed at all. This process mainly takes place when the website owner wants a different service.

Why do companies transfer a domain name?

There are countless reasons why companies prefer to transfer the domain name. Companies prefer to transfer the domain name due to high prices, some amazing features offered by another company, problems with the registrar and so on. You will find many companies want to transfer for some special and cheaper deals offered by another company. You should know there is no specific reason to transfer a domain name. One of the most common reasons is because the owner is not satisfied with the current customer support.

Transferring the domain name needs to be done by following a thorough process. It further helps you understand the process well. Mentioned below are some steps you need to follow when transferring the domain name:

A thorough background check

It is of paramount importance for you to carry out a thorough background check on the domains that you have with the present registrar. Ensure you are at least 60 days old from the day you registered to qualify for a transfer.

Domain unlock

This is mostly the next step that needs to be carried out by going to your domain registrar managers and get the domain unlocked. Taking your security factor into consideration ensure you do not proceed with the preferred domain name UK transfer unless it is unlocked.

Email verification

It is vital for you to verify the contact and email address. Ensure it is accurate as the company is required to send a confirmation mail. Offering wrong email address will only affect you as the company will neither be able to get in touch with you nor get started with the transfer.

Authorisation code

You as the owner you are required to access the authorisation code from the present provider. It is important to keep the code handy during the time of domain transfer.

Considering these aspects make you ready for the domain transfer process. A reliable website hosting London provider offers domain transfer services offer reasonably priced transfer services. Once the domain name has been transferred you can easily make any of the changes you want to such as the server name. If you have any doubts or need any help during the transfer process, you can contact the expert team. The experts are glad to be of your help in any way possible.


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