Daily water consumption- Dos and Don'ts

Posted by amrina alshaikh on May 26th, 2021

Daily water consumption- Dos and Don'ts

We all know that water is life and that no living organism can survive without water. Water helps in regulating the body temperature and functioning of various organs of our body. Our body consists mainly of water and in terms of percentage, it is 70%. So, water intake is very important but you should know the dos and don’ts of consuming water daily. If you have problems getting potable water from the taps, you can buy mineral water. You can buy jars of different capacity and you may enquire 20-litre mineral water bottle price in the market.


You should drink whenever you are thirsty. The intake depends on the degree of thirst. The thirst of yours depends on the amount of physical activity you perform. If the climate where you live is hot and humid, you need to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated and healthy. The 20-litre mineral water bottle price enables you to buy water in bulk quantities. On the other hand, if you drink more water than you should, it leads to a condition known as hyponatremia. It means that the sodium or salt level in your body drops drastically and it will affect the brain adversely.

You should drink water if you’re sweating. If you exercise daily, you need to enhance your intake daily. You should drink plenty of water if you do a lot of physical activity. Even when you are seated in a place doing nothing and not thirsty, you should drink water. It will make you develop the habit of drinking water.

Drink plenty of fresh water whenever you can. You must ensure the water you are drinking is fresh, odourless and colourless. It should be free from contaminants and harmful chemicals. Get the water tested scientifically.

Do consume fresh fruit and vegetables too that will give you hydration and a lot of goodness. Never forget to balance your water intake in this manner. You can consume smoothies too but they should be prepared at home. It is better than commercially prepared smoothies. Commercially prepared smoothies may contain lots of sugar or even ice cream that are not at all desirable for good health. If you prepare smoothies at home, you are sure of the stuff it contains.

You should drink water slowly and after little gaps. While exercising, you can gulp the water once every 10 or 15 minutes. The intake should be slow and you should drink water or smoothy while seated.


You should never drink water standing because it may cause more harm than benefit. If you drink while standing, you upset the balance of fluid in your body. It may cause joint pains or arthritis. You may experience abdominal colic if you drink while standing. You may face problems of acidity too because the water was drunk while standing and it disrupts the acid present in the stomach adversely causing flatulence and heartburn. Water thus taken can damage your renal organs too. So, you should drink water or rather sip water sitting.

Don’t drink more water during exercise. You should drink little sips of water while exercising.

Avoid sports drink because it will cause more harm than benefit because it contains more sugar and calories than are required by your body. You may need to drink sports drink in case you are doing some endurance exercise that lasts more than one hour. In other cases, water is just fine to take care of everything.

Don’t drink diet beverages or soft drinks. You just don’t require them to keep you hydrated. They are going to affect your health adversely. So, don’t be tempted to sip from a bottle of soft drink. Continual consumption of soft drink can cause obesity, thinning of bone density or even ulcers in the later stages of your life. You should only depend on plain water.

It is all right to add a dash of lemon juice to your water so that the taste is enhanced and you won’t find drinking plain water boring. Lemon will add flavour, tang, and add a kind of detoxifier to your water. So, it will be a good idea to have added lemon squeeze into your water. You can add fresh berries also, that will provide plenty of antioxidants to you that are so good for your constitution. The water thus spiked will make you feel more refreshed and energetic.

You should avoid all those beverages that have high calories. The homemade smoothies are the exceptions because they will do you lots of good and they are quite safe. You should rather eat your calories than drink them because that way your calorie supply will be proper and natural. Many times, people tend to eat less after drinking calory ridden drinks. It’s not at all desirable.

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