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Streamline your towing service app Development operations right away with the adoption of on-demand tow truck app solutions from our side…

Getting stuck with a situation that our car breaks down in the middle of a journey is quite normal and of course everybody has to cross it at any point. Yet, there is no need to worry or getting anxious about the situation; we have to remind one thing that we are now living in such a world where any kind of service can be opted out online and getting your car towed will not be actually a big deal.

It is just about having a mobile phone with an internet connection so that you can go further with any of the on-demand towing and roadside assistance apps like uber for tow trucks to get done with your vehicle repair on time with no hassles.

Uber for tow trucks is basically a towing service app available in the market to get on-demand roadside assistance at ease.They are the mobile versions supporting the on-demand culture and have come up to help the people who are in need of towing service. They provide a seamless towing experience to the users who are taking the on-demand roadside assistance at times of their vehicle breakdowns.

Why need on-demand mobile apps like uber for tow trucks?

Uber’s on-demand towing business model uber for tow trucks is the best solution for adopting quality rich towing service right at a reasonable budget ever. It is pretty hard for any start-up to introduce a long-lasting connect between the customers and the trucking service providers to enable towing to be getting done at times when there are unexpected breakdowns.

Here is where the towing mobile apps like uber for tow trucks come in with a significant advantage of providing reliable road side assistance in an efficient cum simple way. The tow truck mobile apps help the customers in reaching out to a towing service provider whenever and wherever they want just in one or two clicks in the app.

A single mobile application can have the scope of attracting a huge targeted customer base. It is usually available in the form of a robust towing software solution that can drive the entrepreneurs crazy towards getting ample profit in no time.

Features of on-demand road side assistance apps:

  1. For the customers:
  • Ease of registration and use: the app is easy to register and access with registrations made either via the social logins or contact number or email.
  • List of services: the customers are allowed to have a vast list of services they wish to choose for, which include towing or tire replacement or battery repairs or some others.
  • Addition of vehicle types: the customers can add vehicles of their choice as much as they want. Say for example, a bike, a car or a truck and so on. They can add the respective model and of the added vehicles in the list. This in turn will help the towing service providers get to know about the customers and the services that they are in need of.
  • Sharing of locations: This feature permits the customers to share their vehicle pick up points or locations to the service providers so that the service providers can get into the shared location for providing the on-demand towing services that the customers require.
  • Alerts: The customers will be getting notified with frequent alerts or push messages in the form of updates ongoing in the app regarding the service extensions and some other changes. This would make them aware of all the updates being made in the app.Thus with this salient feature, the customers can have the updates of the app in real-time.
  • Charges info: the charges appropriate to the towing services that the customers have availed in the app are shown in detail via this feature.
  • Pay-out options: the customers can have the facility of making pay-outs via multiple payment modes or gateways including credit or debit card payments, cash payments and wallet payments. If the customer is having enough funds in his wallet to pay right for a service he opted out for in the app, then he can make use of it; else he can go out for making payments either via cash or cards.
  • Service ratings: Here, the customers are allowed to rate the app and the service that they get. By the way, they have the opportunity to share their feedback about the seamless experience they had with the app and the relevant service provider.This can boost up the overall quality of the services provided by the app thus resulting in an enhanced user base.
  1. For the towing service providers:
  • Simple registration: The service providers can register themselves into the app to get towing service orders frequently in real-time on the go with ease. The registration process here is usually simple with a constant sign-in flow which makes the service providers enjoy the ease and convenience of registering with the app.
  • Order requests: The service requests raised by the customers are dispatched to the drivers via this feature of request dispatch and here the acceptance or denial of the requests are also ensured and that too can happen in the stipulated time frame.
  • Status of availability: the availability toggle within the app depicts the status of the truck drivers whether they are online or offline. If the toggle is on, then the driver is in the online state and is ready to accept the requests raised from the customers’ side and vice versa.
  • Service info: This feature provides the service providers with the overall service details like the type of the vehicle, location of pick up and some others once upon getting the requests from the customers.
  • Route map: This helps the drivers navigate the exact routes (in-built route navigation) with which they are going to provide the towing services.
  • Payouts in hand: Here is where the drivers can collect their service delivery payouts on time by having the invoice summary generated for the service opted by the customer.
  1. For the admins:
  • Safer sign-in with 2FA: As the admin dashboard is the responsible section for the entire app and the service maintenance, it needs to be logged in securely only by the authorized admins. Hence the login option is designed in a very safe and secure way ever to meet the security issues that are about to raise here.
  • Admin dashboard: This feature reveals the overall highlights, service listings and key business metrics to be maintained and managed effectively in the app.
  • Fleet management: the admins can efficiently manage the tow truck fleets in the app in real time. Additions or deletions are also entertained in this section for frequent updates to be made.
  • Maintenance of customer details: This feature helps the admins keep track of the record of all the customer info including their order request details, request status, payout details and ratings/reviews.
  • Maintenance of service provider details: Here, the admins are allowed to have a track record of all the driver info including their service adoption and completion details, feedbacks and payments accepted and so on.
  • Management of promos: Every business today avails some coupon codes or promo offers to the customers to gain their trust and attention. This feature makes the admins send such promos to the customers as and when needed and those can be sent either in the form of push notifications or messages or emails and so on.
  • Fixing of rates: This is the feature that helps in setting the service fares so that both the customers and the service providers can get to know about the details of the pricings for every service listed out in the app. The pricings usually depend on the type and nature of the service, vehicle pickup points and distances, total time consumption for service recoveries and so on.
  • Analytics: the maintenance of the overall business analytics is of vital importance and this is what this feature offers.

Summing up:

We, the team of uberforxapp have a rock-solid expertise in on-demand towing app development like uber. We feel proud to serve you with the best and industry demanding uber for tow truck app solutions that suit the most for your business requirements. Feel free to reach us via

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