What is Asthma and how can it be prevented?

Posted by Rendy Bell on October 20th, 2015

Asthma is a disease which affects the airways that carry air to and from your lungs. The people who suffer from the long lasting chronic condition are termed as asthmatic. The people suffering from asthma have the breathing problem as the airway gets swollen. This swelling makes the airways more sensitive due to which less amount of air pass through the lungs.

It is very serious and dangerous disease from which many people are suffering. It is the allergy disease which causes through dust. The proper treatment of asthma is necessary. However with the good treatment the person suffering from asthma can live a normal life. Asthma makes it harder for the people to breathe.

There are three factors causes the narrow airway:

  1. The inside lines of the airway becomes red and swollen.
  2. The musles which surround the airway is squeezed and become tight.
  3. Extra fluid is produced that makes blocks airway and makes difficult for to breathe.

There are many people, who are suffering from this disease, it can occur to any age group of people. Some people suffer from asthma at the young age and even at the older age. Therefore this disease requires the best treatments if you detect that you are suffering from asthma than make sure to have a proper treatment with the best doctor.

What is asthma attack?

The asthma attack occurs when the situation become worst than usual. These attacks are the Sevier attack and are of different types it can be mild or moderate. An asthma attack does not allow the large amount of air to enter into the lungs at a fast rate.

What happen during asthma attack?

  • Less air passes through the airways.
  • Mucus is produces in the airway, undermining the flow of air even more.
  • The muscles around the airways tighten up.

Best doctors for the treatment:

There are many specialists for the asthma treatment all over the world. But the best treatment for asthma is in northern jersey. Asthma Doctor NJ is providing the best quality of treatment to the people who suffer from asthma from last ten years.

The asthma is basically an allergy disease, which occurs from the entering of dust in the airways and slowing. It damages the airway from where we breathe. Never ignore the dust allergy as it can lead to severe Asthmatic attack. So to prevent from these allergies, consult from Sinus Treatment specialist NJ from where you can get the best treatment so that you can easily get relief from the dust allergy problem.

How can asthma be prevented?

  • Use only those medicines which are prescribed by your doctor.
  • Identify and try to avoid those things that make your asthma worst.
  • Keep a track on your asthma symptoms and the level of control.
  • Get regular checkup for your asthma.
  • Learn about your asthma and certain ways to control it.
  • Follow your written asthma plans and keep a check on it.

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