Blackjack: Why Choose it Over Poker

Posted by nick_niesen on October 26th, 2010

Out of all the different casino games, blackjack is not only the easiest to learn and the easiest to play, but it is also the easiest casino game for winning money from the different casinos whether online or offline. In comparison, poker is hitting a huge boom all over the place from the best online casinos to the huge World Series of Poker, but when it comes right down to it blackjack is still the biggest game and the most fun to play.

In this article, I am going to detail the top five reasons why black jack will prove to be a better game for you than poker. This evidence will more than suffice in laying a strong foundation to my argument that blackjack or 21 as it is also commonly called is far superior than any other casino game and especially poker.

1) Black jack is quick, you do not have to sit and wait for people to think. It is either hit me, or stay and that is all there is to it.

2) Blackjack is by far a much easier game to learn to play. Since the basis of the game is to beat the dealers hand with a 21, there is not really so much that you have to learn in comparison the poker.

3) You get to play against the dealer when playing black jack, which is not usually the case when playing at poker rooms. This is better because you do not have to worry what the other players are thinking. This is not an advantage but you do not have to worry about body language and the like.

4) Hitting 21 or Black Jack is just exiting, an automatic win. By all means poker is interesting, but how often are you dealt the Royal Flush? Well in black jack it is possible to be dealt black jack repeatedly in one sitting and I will say it is definitely more exciting hitting a black jack than seeing a guy with a pair of 7s beat a guy with a pair of 4s.

5) In black jack it is up to you to win, now it is also the same in poker, but if you lose to someone else you can not blame the dealer. Now many people would say why blame the dealer anyway? I will tell you, the dealer has only dealt the cards, you can only blame yourself for losing. It has to do with how you play. So it is easier to take loss in a hand in black jack than it is in poker.

Finding the game that you identify most with is the game you should stick with. If it is poker than be a poker player in any of the different poker rooms you can find, or if it is black jack than put on your smart clothes and pick your seat at the black jack table at the">casino nearest to you, because in my opinion, black jack is the best casino game there is, and once you begin to play it you will realize this for yourself.

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