Top 5 Reasons: Why Business Cards Still Matter?

Posted by Rahul Shah on May 26th, 2021

Some things are timeless. Irrespective of the changing times, these things remain relevant and useful. One such tool of communication is a business card. In times where all the business communication is done digitally, the significance of business cards might be considered negligible. People might think about what major difference something as meagre as a business card would make. However, the truth is, even in times where digital communication has overpowered tangible means of communication, the impact of business cards remains unaffected. The old-school method of business card printing is as effective as any other means of direct communication. It is small initiatives like business cards that make a huge difference. It tells people you are well-prepared and professional in your approach. While some people might consider business card printing an outdated method to connect with prospects and clients, several reasons justify the need for business cards in the present times.

Here are the top 5 reasons to support why business cards still matter:

  1. Makes you look professional: The first time you meet a client or a prospect, you need to give them your contact details so that they can reach you. Writing it on a piece of paper or asking the prospect to note it down looks very unprofessional and makes a very negative impact on the prospects. In such circumstances, handing over a business card makes you look well-prepared for the situation and leaves a positive impact on the recipients. The practice of handing over business cards is a sign of professionalism and maturity. It speaks about your company’s smooth approach towards its clients and prospects.
  2. Represents your brand: Anything that carries your brand name and logo is a representation of your brand’s virtue. Business cards also represent your brand in many ways. It is one of the initial things you hand over to a client or prospect. So, a well-designed card is bound to make your initial meetings memorable. A good quality business card with a unique design will make your brand appear more valuable and hence will increase the recall value of your company. People judge things very quickly. So, if you give them a quality business card they are sure to form a positive perception of your brand.
  3. Establishing a first good impression: It is rightly said that you don’t get a second chance to make the first impression. So, you must make your first meeting with your clients and prospects a memorable one. Giving them a uniquely designed business card is a great step towards making a positive first impression. Unlike other methods of introducing your business to the prospect, handing over business cards is a more personalized approach. When you meet somebody physically and exchange your business cards over a conversation, it makes things look very natural. It doesn’t look like you are trying to sell something to the person in front of you.
  4. Builds your business network: Another major advantage of using business cards is networking. Although some people might argue that digital media is a better source of networking today. But the fact remains that no other direct marketing tool can yield results like a printed business card. The reason is quite simple. In times where most businesses keep spamming their client’s inboxes, a personalized approach like giving a business card appears more result-driven. The chances that a prospect or client will go through the emails you’ve sent or see the banner ads that appear on their screen are quite less. But when you give them your business card, there is a huge possibility that he not only goes through it but also shows interest in your business. If they like your services, they may even help in spreading the word about your brand. Also, there are certain instances when you can’t use your digital marketing tools to establish connections like during a conference or a trade show. In such situations, business cards play a very important role. Hence, business cards are a great tool to build networks.
  5. Affordable and Portable: One of the biggest reasons why business cards are still used by business owners around the globe is the affordability of business card printing. The cost of printing business cards is very minimal and everyone can afford it. Irrespective of the size of your business, investing in quality business cards is no big deal for any market player. There is no such direct marketing tool that comes at such an affordable price range. Another advantage that you get when you print business cards is the portability of the marketing tool. They are very handy and take very little space. So, you can easily slip it into your pockets and bags and use them wherever the need arises. The affordability and portability of business cards make them one of the highly recommended tools in business communications.

Even though we are living in a digitally growing world, business cards remain one of the most highly recommended tools of direct marketing. No other printed collateral can match the impact of a printed business card. Irrespective of your business profile, you must use your business cards to formally introduce your business.

If you want the business cards to create the desired impact, you need to design them carefully. You need to print business cards that not only catch the attention of the recipients but also give them all the primary details required to form a perception of your company. With business card printing, less is more, which means you need to keep the designs simple and the text readable. To make the business cards appealing, get them designed and printed by professionals. PrintStop is a professional printing company that designs and prints business cards for SMEs and large businesses. They can help you design a business card as per your industry standard to meet your marketing endeavors.

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