FIFA 16: make dinner instead

Posted by james bonds on October 21st, 2015

You might learn the controls and how to move your player, but you cant learn how to play against a human by playing a comp on easymode... Atleast not an average or better human. And besides you play on easymode and make dinner instead... You shouldnt be able to farm coins that way imo.

I still think offline teams (earnings,players etc.) should be seperated from the online mode. Not because im scared of meeting an offline players superior team, but because i dont think you should be able to farm coins while you make dinner

Some people can make 200k in an hour or two by buying players at the lower end of their price range and selling them for Fifa 16 coins ps3. Maybe you bought a player a week ago and he's suddenly become quite popular or he's in high demand because of a new tournament. His price might inflate by a couple thousand coins. Recognizing the market and being able to consistently buy players for low amounts and sell them for higher amounts in large quantities can earn you quite a bit of cash.

Realistically don't expect to make more than 5k per day if you don't have a lot of coins. The more Fifa 16 coins you have to spend, the more you make (ie; buy a player for 200k, sell for 240k vs buying a player for 18k and selling for 23k.)

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