An Easy Way to Get Fiancee Visa to Go Abroad and to Live with Fiancee

Posted by dynamohi on October 21st, 2015

Fiancée visa is very popular among those people who meet their soul mates abroad. The demand is increased due to the popularity of online matchmaking. If a U.S. citizen falls in love with a foreign national, then it can be very important for them to bring their spouse or fiancé to the United States to be married and can live there. There are special non immigrant visas available from the U.S. citizenship and immigration services that can be used to bring the significant to the U.S.

At the time of applying for a fiancée visa, the fiancée should submit documents such as valid passport, birth certificate, and proof of legitimacy of relationship with petitioner, proof that petitioner will support the fiancée and the medical certificate. Additionally, the U.S. citizen must include proof that they have physically met their fiancée in person within two years of submitting the application. It is very important to complete and compile all documentary requirements before lodging visa application. This is necessary to be done to avoid U.S. Fiancée visa application from being rejected and also to avoid hard-earned money from being wasted knowing that there will be no refund if the visa application is unsuccessful.

Visa adjustment of status is the process by which an eligible individual already in the United States can get permanent resident status (a green card) without having to return to their home country to complete visa processing. And when this status is adjusted, then one can enjoy certain privileges that come with the new category that they have adjusted their status to. All visa categories come with their own benefits and restrictions. They may allow a person to extend their stay under a certain non-immigrant visa category or to change status from one non-immigrant visa to another. Employment benefits are restricted for the non immigrants visa holders when compared to the immigrant visa holders.

Applying for Fiance visa processcan be lengthy and complicated. Handling this process takes care and patience. Petition need to be submitted at first with all the documents and then foreign fiancée can apply to a US embassy in the country for a finance visa. Submitting the petition to the USCIS will require a great deal of personal information from both the US citizen and foreign fiancée. This is basically to prove the identities, income, and that both parties are indeed unbound by any limitations. The medical examination will ensure there are no communicable diseases and that the foreign fiancée has a clean bill of health. Only embassy approved doctors can conduct these examinations.

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