Why shouldn't we stop sex?

Posted by Kromann Molloy on May 26th, 2021

Sex provides many health benefits, and if it really is stopped, some changes may appear on a mental and physical level. Stopping sex could make an individual feel more anxious. Associated with that hormones of happiness and love are released during sex, and when sex is not done for a long time, the amount of these hormones decreases. Therefore, a dynamic sexual life plays a part in happiness and reduced amount of anxiety. It is believed that the result of sex lasts 2-3 days after that. If sexual intercourse does not take place after nowadays, it is extremely likely that section of the satisfaction from the relationship will be lost and worse relations between your couples will occur. Therefore, those who have sex regularly - at least 2 times weekly, are happiest and build trust and understanding with each other. If you stop having sex and if men ejaculate significantly less than 7 times a month, they will have an increased tendency to develop prostate cancer . They will have twice the risk of erectile dysfunction. Women may have a far more painful menstrual cycle. Orgasm may also help release hormones that decrease pain in the top, back and legs, but also help reduce arthritis pain . Also, people who have sex once a month as well as much less often are prone to heart disease , high blood pressure, compared to those who take action every week. And yet - regular sex is associated with improved memory. If you do not have sufficient sex, the disease fighting capability weakens, leading to colds and viruses becoming common. Regular sex raises immunoglobulin A levels. However, sex more than 2-3 times a week lowers immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels. 비아그라 should not be stopped because it is much more prone to suffer from insomnia, because the necessary hormones will never be released. Lastly, sex can keep the body in shape, as it burns about 5 calories each and every minute, which is approximately add up to a brisk walk

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