Jodhpur National University and its Diversified Teaching Pedagogy

Posted by sophiasmith on October 22nd, 2015

What do you mean by teaching pedagogy? By it I mean the best method of imparting theoretical and practical education. To cope and compete in this industrial age we do need an educational pattern which is more suggestive and is helpful enough to help us in facing intellectual challenges. To understand the global perspective, we do need a learning pattern which is diversified and innovative.

Our traditional concept of education was based on theory and was not worthful for execution. It had no utility or you can say no practical dominance. But as we know that nothing is permanent in this universe, so education system is not eternal too. Thus with the growing needs and challenges education pattern did also experienced a drastic change. This change resulted in the form of the emergence of Jodhpur National University. In its infancy stage only the university presented an extra-ordinary vision for growth of its learner. The foundation was laid by CA Kamal Mehta in late 90`s.

The University promised a noble future to its learners. It met the expectation of the people across the globe. It formed a junction between the old and the new. There are a number of teaching practices adopted by the distinguished faculty of the university-

  1. Theoretical learning was equipped with practical training
  2. E-learning is promoted
  3. Modern teaching aids like OHP, MMP, LCD are used for effective presentation
  4. Educational sessions are organized of live professionals for having a deep insight on the subject
  5. Seminars/Workshops and Conferences are organized on regular intervals.
  6. Excursion tours are planned to make learning more interactive.

Apart from all these, Jodhpur National University also organizes for Moot Court session for their Law students. The University offers a good number of courses option to its learners. The courses include subjects of Management, Engineering and Technology, Law, Applied Science, Dental Law, Pharmacy, Computer Application, Education and Arts.

With these pedagogy of teaching, the university promises for a bright future with its campus selection facility. The methodology adopted by the faculty is original though innovative. The dynamic faculty strives to impart quality education which has practical utility too. The faculty believes that- Knowledge is even beyond the books. So too make India employable analytical thought is imbibed. The University since its birth has strived to cultivate social values which is essential for the welfare of society and humanism.

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