Needle Felt is fun, colorful, and whimsical polymer clay

Posted by myfeltpet on May 27th, 2021

Needle Felt is fun, colorful, and whimsical polymer clay craft project. You create your very own needlefelt birds and then proudly share them in your circle! You'll learn to create a lovely needlefelt bird using armature, read along Marie's instructions for ensuring that your feathery bird limbs will stay in place, learn the secrets of wrapping wool on your feathery bird's legs, and in general have lots of fun with this charming tutorial..Custom Needle felted animals

Step one: Using a large needle, draw a large oval shape on a piece of felt. Remember, it's easier to draw a straight line if you use a sharp needle. Next, using a feathery bird feather, carefully trace an oval around the entire felt. To make your feathery bird more life-like, use a felt tip pencil to make your feathery bird look more realistic. Then take your completed oval shape and sew it to the upper portion of your body in the same way you would if you were sewing a piece of fabric or quilt.

Step two: Using your needle, trace a line down one side of your felt body. This allows you to see exactly where your stitching will go. When you are finished, take your needle and thread it through the pattern line and through the hole you created. Use a marker to draw a line right next to the needle hole so you can see just how much material you will need.

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Step three: Using a very soft feather, pick up a small amount of fabric at the bottom of your felt body. Using the needle and thread, slowly move this small amount of fabric through your needle holes and out of your body. Once you finish this step, you should have a nice rounded edge to your felt body. Then, take your marker and easily mark the outline of your head, legs and wings by stitching tiny holes into your feathery body. Move your marker around on the underside of your wings to create an interesting edge to your bird.

Step four: After stitching your body together, you should have a nice smooth rounded edge to your beautiful bird. Next, take your feathery body parts and press them firmly onto your felt. Pressing your body parts down helps them stay in place and creates a smoother surface for your colorful quilt design. Stitch the edges of your body together (but not the middle) to create a smooth quilt top. Then, using your felt tip, stitch the small pieces of your body together.

Step five: Now that your body is completed, it is time to add your favorite seed beads to your design. Begin by pressing your seed beads securely into the felt. Then, using a very small amount of needle, carefully needle through all of your seed beads creating a knot. Then, using a very large amount of needle, gently thread your seed beads through the knot on the outer edge of your felt.

Step six: After your body is finished, it is time to start working on the wings. To do this, take your large needle and press your seed beads through the loops of your felt. If any are clogged, gently pull out the needle with your fingers until they are free. Stitch the felt edges with your needle to create an attractive pattern. If you find that you are not good at working with large needle sizes, then you can always use a very small seed bead size instead.visit

The last step is to finish your masterpiece - your wings. To do this, take your large needle and poke three or four holes into the side of your felt. Using your seed beads, slowly fill up the holes until your wings form a shape of a bird. You can then finish your wings by gluing on extra beads around the outside. Make sure that your needle is very sharp before inserting any seed beads into the holes.

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