Unlock Unique Rewards and Earn XP from Treasure Hunter in Runescape

Posted by gracedashen on October 23rd, 2015

Halloween is fast approaching. I believe you can't wait to celebrate the festival. Don't just wait for it. You can learn some new RS update and buy cheap rs 3 gold in promotions. In particular, for rs players, you are sure that want to have a new challenge in runescape during this Halloween. Now a mysterious chest has been available in Falador Park. Maybe you can get the Lost Sword of Raddallin.

mysterious chest has been available in Falador Park

At first, we can analyze the relationship between the buried treasure chest and Falador Park. The buried treasure chest also known as the Lost Sword is an activity located in the east side of Falador Park. It has been part of the invasion of Falador event since the Falador graphical reworked. Lost sword of King Raddallin is an item released with the Invasion of Falador.

Now a mysterious chest has been available in Falador Park. Note that the mysterious chest hold from 00:00 UTC on 22nd October to23:59 UTC on 26th October. Besides, you can use a different skill each day to prise the open chest and claim the mighty weapon within.

Take part in the Buried treasure chest

If you wonder that how will the event work, you can speak to Darla in Falador Park. You should know the skill change each day and there is a free-to-play and members’ option. Therefore, each day you need keep in mind that find out what the skill is. Each day starts at 00:00 UTC and ends at 23:59 UTC that is according to the in-game clock.

Unlock unique rewards and earn XP

If you participate in the chest each day, you can earn XP in the day’s skill and increase your personal and community contribution which unlocks unique rewards. Maybe you can receive commendations for the Invasion of Falador from working on the chest. Nevertheless, you will need tools to do that. When you log in, you can get 100 basic tools in each day of the promotion. However, once you miss the chance, you can pick them up on later days during the event. Certainly, you can also buy tools from the Loyalty Points store.

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