All You Need To Know About Decontamination

Posted by addaneye25 on October 22nd, 2015

The people who work in hazardous environmental conditions have to be extremely careful. This is because, a small mistake in safety and protection against materials that can be potentially harmful for human health, can be life threatening for them. This is the main reason behind excessive emphasis on wearing personal protective clothing in hazardous working environment. Manufacturing units that deal with potentially hazardous chemicals and nuclear plants have strict safety guidelines; to make sure that any employe or visitor does not suffer from lethal effects of chemicals, compounds, and elements, which are a part of various manufacturing processes. Apart from this, employees who are engaged in tasks associated with waste management, also have to abide by strict safety guidelines. The harmful bacteria and viruses, which are found in waste materials can easily infect individuals, who come in direct contact with these materials. So, the employees have to wear special personal protective gear in order to stay safe from life threatening viruses and bacteria.

The industrial units and nuclear plants that deal with harmful materials have levied strict guidelines for employees. They are not allowed to enter the workplace without the safety gear and they can leave the premises only after complete decontamination. PPE decontamination shower panels are installed in these units, where employees can wash off dirt and hazardous chemicals before removing the safety gear. In earlier times, the employees took shower after removing the protective gear. This process of getting rid of chemicals and dirt after working in a catastrophic environment was certainly not appropriate. This is because, most of the chemicals and bacteria came in direct contact with their skin leading to fatal medical conditions and to avoid this, decontamination is essential before removal of safety gear. This process is customized in accordance to the needs of different industrial units and is a part of the safety guidelines.


The process in which the contaminants that have accumulated on equipment and personnel and are critical to health and safety of individuals are neutralized or removed is known as decontamination. This process is essential for protecting the workers from hazardous substances that may contaminate and permeate the protective clothing, tools, vehicles, respiratory equipment, or other equipment used on site. Decontamination helps in protecting the site workers by minimizing the transfer of harmful materials into the bodies of workers. This process is essential for health and safety of individuals, who work in extremely hazardous environmental conditions.

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