Four Reasons that Fifa 16 is Worth Trying Compared with PES 2016

Posted by goldsafe21 on October 23rd, 2015

Pro Evolution Soccer has been the most popular football game in the world for years. However, after PES 5, the game started its long decline. However, when fifa 16 debuts with mountains of licensed teams, kinds of match modes, and varying middle field improvements, Safewow believes that it could be a genuine alternative that worth trying with fifa 16 coins.

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Fifa 16 has more licenses & stadiums than PES 2016

Similar to previous fifa series, Fifa 16 maintains numerous licenses with football clubs, players and companies that make it over one step ahead its competitors very often. PES 2016 scrapes together a total of more than 200 licensed teams and a total of eleven official stadiums. Fifa 16, however, has nearly every license for the different soccer competitions, with more than 600 clubs licensed and 41 official stadiums. Some PES fans would claim this doesn't matter, but it really does. At least, players who want to reenact the English Premier League or the Bundesliga, has little choice but to opt for fifa 16.

Fifa 16 contains varying matches and modes

Both fifa 16 and PES 2016 contain career modes for manager and player, but fifa 16 gives a new training mode that let you go hands-on and actually make your players better. Instead of setting an instruction and it being carried out behind text and menus, you can take to the training field and do it yourself. Besides, this year, the pre-season tournaments make their debut in fifa 16, so that you can try out some of your young brilliant players. Plus the Day One rosters, fifa 16 can be a better overall game. What’s more, fifa 16 provides a new way to play Ultimate Team: Draft Mode that gives you some fantastic players to choose for every position. Taking them online to test them out, you'll get far enough to win the prize. An entry fee of 15,000 fut 16 coins may seem steep, but if you take home the bacon, you'll get two jumbo gold packs as prizes and make your coin investment back.

Fifa 16 is the first football game to enable women’s team

EA Sports has included 12 women's national teams in fifa 16 for the first time any video game history. Though, players won’t be able to pick men’s team vs women teams, the addition itself is absolute a novelty for a game that's been too male-orientated for the last decade.

Fifa 16 provides more realistic football experience

In PES 2016, you may feel excited as almost every shot is struck sweetly and hits the target. However, in fifa 16, there is a more considered passing style, and players have a decent tactical awareness, which make the game more realistic. Less accuracy and more difficulties though, you can be even prouder when you make efficient passing in fifa 16 with useful tips from Safewow. Besides, the no touch dribbling is an amazing addition in fifa 16, allowing you to dribble with separating the ball from the player “no touch dribbling” lures defender in and explode pass him at a right opportunity.

Of course, it’s hard to say that Fifa 16 is better than PES 2016, but it is no doubt that fifa 16 provides richer experience with multiple matches and modes to be worth trying. There are a lot of bright spots waiting for your excavation, just buy fifa 16 coins cheap with 10% off on Safewow and continue to play.

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