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Shockingly, Tiatr was not considered in Goa, but instead in the neighboring Bombay that has now been able to be Mumbai. LucazinhoRibeiro and Joao AgostinhoFernandes composed the central execution on the seventeenth of April, 1892, which happened to be the day of Easter. Since LucazinhoRibeiro made and composed this Tiatr, he is seen as a trailblazer of this novel Goan-style appear. In any case, it is Joao AgostinhoFernandes, who is known as the 'Father of Tiatr'. He proceeded to create and coordinate different Tiatrs in the following years and raised the measures of Tiatr stage. Plot of a Tiatr is ordinarily divided into six or seven areas, and each part is called 'Pordho'. There are songs called "Kantaram" amidst Pordhes, and each of them is considering a substitute subject. A quick and dirty examination of the structure of Tiatr reveals that it has a unimaginable storyline, lovely songs, reducing music, and some diverting dramatization. Brilliant execution in this Konkani songs theater is judged by the drawing in nature of stage sets, surrounding sounds, acting aptitudes of performers, and light effects. Right around fifty percent of a Tiatr's thriving depends on upon a good story. Subjects of Tiatr are concerned for the most part with social issues, and the Tiatrists have constantly shown an abnormal state of social care.

Today, Tiatrs are held in the midst of meals in places of love and houses of worship of Goa as a festivals' bit. Business shows are similarly coordinated at a couple spots over the state and in zones outside Goa where konkani songs 2015 speakers have a greater region. Goa Kala Academy forms a yearly state-level Tiatr contention which allows occupants and vacationers to welcome some amazing displays. The Tiatr Festival held reliably in the month of November serves as a stage for GoanTiatr masters to showcase their presentations before western social affairs of individuals. Settlement in the best lodgings in Goa can permit voyagers to be a bit of this festival and witness some bewildering Tiatr shows. Bleeding edge workplaces gave in these lodgings would make their stay flawless and important. They join individual bar, LCD TV with satellite affiliation, and Wi-Fi system.

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