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Marine Engine Monitoring System | Ship Composition Parts Manufacturer Korea - Ho

Posted by Hohyun on October 23rd, 2015

HOLYUN Co., Ltd - Best manufacturer and suppliers in Korea for supplying good quality engine control system panel, marine diesel oil pump, pneumatic maneuvering system, cylinder lubricating oil pipe, start-up pump, auto filter control panel, engine interface control unit, alpha lubricator control unit, bearing wear auto-monitoring system, local control panel, uninterruptible power supply and vessel panel fire detector are our best manufacturing products. We export ECS panel, MDO pump, PMS, EICU, ALCU, BWAMS, LCP, UPS and VFD all over the world.

HOHYUN provide 2-Stroke Engine for Engine Control System Panel and Start-up Pump Starter. 4-Stroke Engine for Local Control Panel used to control HYUNDAI HiMSEN Marine Engine. Local Control Panel is used to control HYUNDAI HIMSEN Marine Engine. Holyun a company who takes the lead in the future is with you. Hohyun is not satisfied with the past and present, but instead is always seeking for originality, with our and creative mind in such a rapidly changing era. ECS panel is the major product of HOHYUN, which controls electronic control engine. Once the fuel oil system of marine engine is changed from the mechanical type to electronic control type, this is an integration unit for electric control of engine. Alarm Device active locally upon engine, total 210 pcs manufactured and delivered to HHI since 2002.

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ADDRESS: HOHYUN Co.,Ltd, 1041 -56, Daean-dong, Buk-gu, Ulsan
TEL: 052-232-6395
FAX: 052-232-6398
SITE: http://www.hohyuninc.com/

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