How To Protect Your Timber Decks From Carpenter Bees?

Posted by James Spencer on May 27th, 2021

Decks and patios are the eye-catching glamour of your property. Keeping them in their pristine state requires warding off potentially detrimental insects and pests from it. This article gives you insightful details about carpenter bees - one of the major enemies of your wooden decks!

Who Are Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are nasty wood-damaging and buzzing pests. What you might think to be a bumblebee can be a wood-eating pest highly detrimental to your decks. The carpenter bees lay eggs and make the wooden decks a potential nesting habitat. So, always bear in mind to invest in the finest quality timber decks in Brisbane!

Ways to Ward Off Bees From Your Decks:

If you see closely, the professional deck builder in Brisbane undertake the following measures to ward off carpenter bees from your decks:

  • Try and lurk the bees into specially designed DIY traps made by attaching a pre-drilled wood block onto a glass or plastic bottle. Removing their nesting habitat from your decks is the first step of eliminating them.
  • Using insecticidal powder in the drill holes will be a boon. Since the bees always return to their nesting grounds, they are sure to get a fatal dose of the insecticide.
  • To prevent new variants from returning in the subsequent breeding season, apply a fresh coat of paint. New paint versions are pest resistant and deter the bees.

Repairing the Timber Deck Damage:

You need to take proper steps in repairing the damage before it is too late. Addressing the root cause and taking upfront actions is adeptly done diligently by the deck builders of Brisbane. It is pretty standard that just getting rid of the bees will not solve or fix the damage done to the wood.

The wood needs to be repaired with professional guidance. If you find one tunnel, you may use wood glue or caulk for the repairs. If there is a lot of damage, then you need to contact the deck builders right away!

Hire Professionals for Deck Installation:

Not everything can be taken as a DIY project, and there is a definite reason why professional deck installation exists in Brisbane. The professional deck builders have received months and years of training to excel in the most satisfactory deck installation art. Decks are used for various recreational activities and if their foundations are not sturdy, avoiding accidents will be inevitable!

A pro will do the selection, installation, and thorough maintenance professionally. They have the adept tools and equipment to carry out the task in an explicit manner. They cover the cost of purchasing and transporting within their reasonable fees.

The Bottom Line: It is vital to ensure that your decking materials are of the finest quality. Always choose durable, sturdy, and pest-resistant materials to build your decks. Bear in mind that the carpenter bees are not the only insects capable of damaging your homes and decks. There are a vast array of pests and insects that can evade through your decks and hinder its safety and pride. Take help from professional deck builders as they have profound knowledge to help you choose the best decking materials!

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