5 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid While Riding A Horse

Posted by rockmartin on May 27th, 2021

These are my top five horseback riding tips for the inexperienced rider. The following is an example of a traditional romantic fantasy involving horseback riding:

You picture yourself galloping through the plains on a strong horse. In the wind, a long wind-whipped mane dances. Your entrance is signaled by prancing hooves. Then you whip your horse around in a swirl of explosive strength and thunder off into wild green yonder...

Cowboy, hold on to the horse! If you do not even understand what you’re doing, you'll look like a bungling fool on horseback. If you avoid these popular blunders, you will avoid looking like an idiot (and landing in the dirt).

Tip #1

Young comers always cling to the saddle horn, bend forward, and raise their heels to the sky as early as the horse takes a step. That is not something you can do. It's a tragedy waiting to happen. You're going to fall off.

Sit upright in the saddle rather. Calf stretch! Place the balls of the feet in the straps and push your heels down toward the deck. Take the reins in the hand and let go of the horse horn.

What is the reason for this? There are three explanations for this. Leaning forward on a horse means 'move faster,' so sit upright. Your butt would be firmly planted in the saddle if you press the heels down and gently forward. Let go of the saddle horn because you can't control a horse with it.

It is not the saddle horn that prevents you from dropping off while on your Recreational Riding. Your feet and legs help you remain in the saddle. Remember to keep your heels down, take a deep seat, and sit properly.

Tip #2

A novice in Recreational Riding can be identified as soon as their buttocks touch the saddle. Why do you think that is? In addition, they sit in the stirrups on their buttocks, their legs hanging loosely. Equestrians should not ride with their whole weight supported by their buttocks. In the stirrup, 25-30% of their weight is spread to the balls of their legs.

This helps you to use your ankles as dampers and allows you to adjust your balance with quicker reaction times. When the horse is running, particularly at a trot, shifting your weight to the feet prevents you from jumping all over the saddle.

When the horse starts to trot, new riders sometimes become unseated because they do not move any weight into the reinforcements and attempt to ride it out on their buttocks. This is a bad idea.

Your ground is the stirrups. Use them to help you stay focused and balanced on your horse by carrying some of your weight. You'll be top heavy however, making it impossible for your horse to hold you.

Tip #3

Would you like to know another way to still recognize a new rider? From the way, they wear the reins in their hands. New riders have a tendency to keep their reins for too long and to raise their hands to their chests rather than their bellies.

The horse's reins must have enough flexibility in them so that they can walk comfortably through one you pulling on the mouth, but not so much that when you pull back, the reins end up across their ears.

Pull the reins into your belly button, not your ears, to slow or stop the horse. The horse will enjoy it and react more positively as a result. It has to do with how the horse's mouth suits the piece.

Find more information relating to recreational riding, and gaited horse here.


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