The croupier Irina reveals 3 insidious traps of the casinos

Posted by Horton Rouse on May 27th, 2021

Gaming halls work with a group of tricks to encourage players to lose progressively more money. "It's not just the buffet and the free alcohol that keep customers in the game," Irina, a croupier with 12 years of experience, was quoted as saying by Standart. In their desire to win, everyone depends on the chance to be on the side, but unfortunately the odds usually do not depend even on the croupier. Games have their own world. They're well-calculated math problems and only the casino. & nbsp; The European roulette algorithm is such that if we bet on one of the 37 numbers, our potential for winning is 2.7%. The payout of the profit is in the ratio of 1 1:35, writes & quot; Standard & quot; . strong> It reflects the information concerning the fallen numbers - just how many black and how many red. "The largest illusion for the players is that something depends upon them," laughs Irina. With the release of the ball, everything starts from the beginning, no matter what is written on the board.The probability of the number 10 falling is the same as before: 2.7%. The misleading information makes roulette players dream, and this is exactly what the casino wants. In terms of dreams and money in the gambling world, things escape hand. Other simpler strategies for the overall game are betting on black and red, where in fact the probability is 48.6%. It is not 50%, as most thrill seekers believe. Zero is not placed by chance. It changes the chances and only the gaming hall. The payout is 1: 1. And while engineers and ordinary people are wondering how exactly to cheat the casino, a new trap is emerging behind them. It really is tall, well set and delicate. The chance is the attractive waitress who offers free alcohol. Trap: 2: The sexy ladies on the staff They be mindful not merely of the dry throats of customers in the casino. The waitresses smile at the players, create a feeling of calm in them. They guide them in choosing a game, but they usually do not neglect to play a sexual joke. Trap ?3: Solid fuel Cup one, cup two and the player forgets concerning the value of the amount of money. It never occurs to him he has children, a wife ... Gambling-type rules Point one: Why am I going to the casino? I would like to have fun and also have a beer. Point two: Casinos lose money, not win. & quot; The atmosphere in the casino was created to make you lose track of time. One enters with BGN 10 and leaves with a debt to moneylenders " ;, says the croupier. By playing, you can win an amount that is greater than the amount initially invested. He will want to win even more, but rather will lose, gradually investing a significant amount. After losing everything, the feeling of anger pushes him to show to the moneylender. & quot; His handshake is not friendly & quot ;, Irina shares. Traps from days gone by A fascinating practice of the casinos in 2006 was to bring people into the hall. to stock the players. One of them can be an attractive lady in her 30s with straight black hair. She actually is tall, but with a delicate body. Her task would be to go through the players in the hall as though flirting. She flirted with them without saying a word. It had been all in her posture and demeanor.The manager of the casino let her spin some 1000 leva. During this time period, she enjoyed the overall game and the gentlemen who admired it. And they were waiting for her to come to them. They so sincerely wanted to touch her sophisticated world they lost sight of what was happening in the game where they were betting. The money just disappeared. The characters The Eternal Gambler At the beginning of her Friday night shift, Irina everyone times she came across exactly the same character - Uncle Ivan. He is a bachelor. His salary is high enough to cover to lose BGN 500 by the end of the working week. His game hadn't been about money for a long time. It is important to feel the thrill of the rising adrenaline. "For mosquitoes, money is similar to newspapers," Irina said.According to the story of the experienced croupier, sworn gamblers have a particular relationship with slot machines. They talk to them and & quot; seem to feed them & quot; and then wait for the big jackpot. Gambling types live to win. Enough time is 20. Before entering the gaming hall, Ivan withdraws BGN 200 from the ATM, that is accidentally positioned next to the casino. Then he sits down before his favorite slot machine, and two waitresses greet him and take his usual order - vodka with an automobile and ice. In this casino, players have individual cards that are placed in electronic devices and earn points in accordance with what is played. The more points they have, the larger bonus they get from the casino. For & quot; Hello! & Quot; Ivan receives a BGN 100 bonus. By enough time he plays 100 levs, he could be already drunk. He then starts playing with the money withdrawn from the ATM.On which principle does he play? & quot; What he said above will be directed at me & quot; he will not hesitate. The only action Ivan does is push the button and drink. His eyes wander the screen, and the virtual drums of the & quot; one-armed bandit & quot; they fall into line instantly. After 00 o'clock Ivan drank a dozen glasses with his favorite cocktail "B and K", but his money ran out. To the delight of the ball player after midnight, he is able to withdraw more income. & quot; In an hour he will come out of the casino crawling, as always & quot ;, says Irina. Young minors & quot; I don't cover them at all & quot ;, laughs Irina . & quot; Being in a casino is an event for them - they expect applause & quot ;, she added. No matter who Daddy is, these kids come in the gym betting.Confused in the design of & quot; misunderstanding & quot ;, the boys measure their merits, plus the modest knowledge of gambling observed in Hollywood movies. According to her, up to twenty years, men are small for the universe of gambling. They are still young and cannot control their emotions. They want everything to happen immediately and they don't feel how fast the money is flying. "And if they teach their minds to gamble to any extent further, they will suffer forever," Irina warns. Playing Black Jack, they think they can count the cards, but forget that in small casinos they are confused by way of a machine. & quot; Keep a very important factor at heart when playing against a computer system & quot ;, warns the croupier. In the event that you play this game, never sit down if you have a & quot; shuffle & quot; machine (Shuffle). You will end up convincedthat in less than a minute you will lose 20 leva. In the true casinos, which in Sofia there are two, the cards are placed in plastic or metal stands - Shoe. The casino employee confuses them, and before the hand is dealt a red card with that your player can split the deck of 4 decks. To help make the counting partially meaningless, the croupier deals 30 cards that are not played. This is how the overall game begins. Everyone is playing contrary to the croupier. If he loses, everyone wins. If you lose one, you win the casino. If the dealer's top card is 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, he then has a better chance of losing. And the likelihood of winning is higher if his top card is 7, 8, 9, 10, Vale (J), Queen (Q), Pop (K) or Ace (A). The croupier must stop when he makes 17. While playing, you must make sure that you turn the rules on your side. Let's say,you are in the middle of the overall game and the deck has already been halved. You know just how many cards have passed from the respective honorers and numbers: 10, J, Q, K. The croupier has 4 and you have 8. You obtain nine (sum 17). Stop (the probability of losing is 68% because 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K or A can fall and you also lose). Leave this to the croupier. He starts to draw small cards: 2, 4, 6, (amount of 16) - he can't stop. Take 7 (sum 23) and you're done, you win. An unwritten rule is that assuming you have an A, you have a 52% advantage on the croupier and you have to double. If you receive a Black Jack, your bet is multiplied by 2.5. But beware, the dangers of the casino continue steadily to lurk. Don't give in in their mind. The two friends with BGN 10 They will have a total of BGN 10. They eat and drink on their stomachs and have real fun.Forever they spin the slot machine game with a bet of ten cents and flirt with the waitresses. & quot; They are the coolest customers. At least you can joke using them & quot ;, says Irina. Recently, 카지노사이트 has begun to disappear. The experienced croupier says that compared to previous years, the amount of players has dropped a whole lot. & quot; They shout, shoot and curse me and my colleagues, and we just give away! & Quot ;. Her recommendation to casino players isn't to come with a need to win. & quot; To bring 20 leva and an ID card, nothing more! & quot ;. Because of this type of entertainers, you can find no more free cigarettes in the capital's casinos, and the minimum bets have already been raised as follows: a slot machine 30 stotinki per spin, blackjack 5 leva per hand. The casino is not just a place to reduce money. This is another world,known for a particular kind of entertainment, but achieving euphoria should not be in self-forgetfulness and waste. Super Profits $ 656 million - 2012 in Illinois 648 million dollars in California 113 440 leva in Lovech 600 000 euros - Dimitar Danchev, the first poker millionaire in Bulgaria (2011) 4 345 183, 36 euros won a Dutch woman in Sofia in 2015 Curious Roulette - known in France because the XVII century < br /> Slot machine - developed in 1891 by Americans Sitman and Pete in Brooklyn Poker - Joseph Crowell first documented the overall game in 1829 Black Jack - Known in seventeenth-century French casinos Casanova is building a hall in Venice You can find no clocks in NEVADA casinos. The target is to make customers feel freer and much more detached from reality so as to bet more income. The initial casino was built in Venice in 1638. It was raised by the legendary Casanova - as a location because of its various adventures. The term & quot; casino & quot; comes from the Italian & quot; cash register & quot; - a little villa for pleasure. There is dancing, music and betting. a. The goal is to protect locals from debt.They are able to work there, however, not play. Roulette is thought to have already been invented by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. It was not for betting purposes - he wished to assemble a machine that would stand still.

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