Finance Awards - An Alternative to Banking and Corporate Business Awards

Posted by Gbfr on May 27th, 2021

Finance Awards is an internationally accepted form of recognition for excellence in global business. The Awards are organised by the World Federation of International Banking, which includes members from all banking organisations. International Finance Awards recognises past, present and future leadership abilities, market share, ability and market share, and also a company's commitment to service and diversity. The International Finance Awards is a global organisation of financial experts and decision makers from corporate boardrooms to frontline executives. Visit the website below to read more about Global Banking and Finance Awards and to check out the latest Award Winners.

To nominate a company for a prestigious global banking and finance award you must first register and start submitting applications. You can do that online. Each year different companies and individual individuals are chosen as the top recipient in the global banking and finance categories. So if you are a company looking forward to receiving one of these prestigious awards, or an individual hoping to be nominated, don't delay. The earlier you follow this simple procedure, the better.

In the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong is number one with a score of 915 to be awarded as the best C SRM Organisational Player. This is followed by Singapore (779), China (711), Taiwan (611) and Japan (596). Next is the Philippines with a score of 6%. One of the best banking and finance awards ever won was for Hong Kong in 2008. This was later followed by an award for Singapore in 2009.

If we look at the Asia Pacific region overall, we find that the most popular awards received are in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines and China. Of the four, Hong Kong tops the list with a score of 925. Second best is the second largest economy in the region with a score of 825. Third is Taipei, Taiwan with a score of 710. Fourth is Hong Kong itself with a score of 6% and then New Zealand with a very low score of just 0.2%.

With regards to the awards for the best corporate and banking awards, the most common is the best corporate award in Hong Kong. As it is one of the more mature markets in the world, this makes it a very wise choice for a corporate award. Also it's easy to see why many companies that are looking to expand into the Asia Pacific are turning to Hong Kong. For example there are currently more than forty major banks in Hong Kong that would make a good choice for one of these top awards.

Another popular choice for award in the Asia Pacific region is to receive an "Asbestos Medical Science Award". The reason for this particular choice is quite simple. Asia is currently the site of some of the largest and most dangerous asbestos lawsuits in history. There have been numerous cases of workers who developed mesothelioma after spending years working in the Chinese territory which are currently being litigated in the courts here. These types of cases typically end with large settlements to the plaintiff's attorneys who manage to get a portion of their money when they are awarded.

Bank of China is the largest and one of the most stable banks in the world. Also ranked high in terms of stability are State Street and HSBC. Both of these highly respected names in banking are also rated high for their creditworthiness throughout the world. In terms of banking and finance, the only true global giant in the field of banking and finance would have to be Credit Suisse. However, when judging by their recent profits, it appears that Credit Suisse may not be the best corporate award winner for this year either.

There was recently an award made by the Government of Sri Lanka for its role as a financial facilitator for small and medium sized businesses in the country. Most of the world's top banks, including those from the United States, have their head offices in Sri Lanka mainly due to the relative proximity of the country to South East Asia. Many multinational companies have their head offices in Sri Lanka mainly due to the tax benefits available in the country. Therefore, the award of the Finance Awards to the Small Business and Start-Up Finance Awards Program from the Government of Sri Lanka would certainly be welcomed not only by the international firms but also by the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) here.

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