Tips for Buying Amethyst Jewelry for Women

Posted by jewelrybrand on October 25th, 2015

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Amethyst is a favorite stone in the world of jewelry. Similar to (and as hard as) quartz, it is available in many different shades, from light pink to dark purple. It can even exhibit secondary hues of red or blue.

When buying amethyst, don’t limit the search to violet shades. Experiment and explore!

Why Amethyst?

Amethyst is a semiprecious stone and the birthstone for those born in February. Many people born in other months, of course, find it equally hard to resist, for amethyst is a beautiful, luminous stone, and each piece a unique work of nature and art.

Because the stone is durable, it is perfect for everyday wear. This makes it a great option for signature pieces.

How did Amethyst get its Color?

Amethyst owes its beautiful color to irradiation, iron impurities and trace elements, which combine to create complex intertwined patterns. Adequate irradiation can darken amethyst and overexposure to light sources can cause it to fade.

When Was Amethyst Discovered?

This is a jewel for history buffs and beauty queens alike. No one knows for sure who first discovered this natural beauty, but amethyst has been around for thousands of years, and has never lost its allure or popularity. It is simply timeless.

Ancient Egyptians used amethyst as a gemstone, and many other cultures have revered this beautiful and luminous semi-precious stone for centuries, using it in all types of jewelry and in decorative sculpture.

Classic and stunning.

The Greeks claimed that amethyst prevented intoxication, and often lined their goblets with it. In medieval Europe, soldiers sported amethyst amulets to protect themselves during battle, because it was believed to have healing properties, and to keep men level headed. Many amethyst beads have been discovered in ancient English graves.

Amethyst Jewelry for Her

Think outside the box when it comes to amethyst. Amethyst jewelry comes in every form imaginable, in beaded necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, jeweled combs, rings and ankle bracelets, from tiny and classic to large and bold, from rough to satin smooth pieces.

Amethyst works especially well for individuals with a cool skin tone. The stone is perfect for anyone on the fair side with light eyes. Hair of all colors go with this semiprecious stone, and those who have darker complexions can wear amethyst further from the face, in a jeweled belt, for example.

Amethyst with Other Stones, Gems, Metals

Amethyst goes beautifully with gold, silver or platinum, and looks stunning in combination with any color of quartz, or with tiny diamond accents. Another favorite option is to mix different shades and physical types of amethyst. The result is a textured, shimmering look.

There is no shortage of beautiful amethyst jewelry, with many variations and styles to choose from in a wide variety of pieces. Amethyst is beautiful and versatile. It’s a gemstone that every woman deserves to own.

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